The Most Comfortable Restaurant in Krasnoyark

Taking a trip to Russia with the famous Trans Siberia can be a life-changing experience. There is something about slow travelling that left a deeper meaning to those who try it. One of the largest city that the train happen to passed is Krasnoyarsk. The administrative city by the Yenisei River is one city you […]

Best Asian Cuisine Restaurant in Moscow

Moscow has a diverse and vibrant food scene, from Asian cuisine, Italian dishes until Mediterranean fusion delicacy. You can easily find Halal restaurants, famous late-night restaurants, and famous restaurants for tourist across Moscow. Whatever your taste and preference, Moscow has it all. Best Asian Cuisine Restaurant Asian cuisine is in high demand in Moscow these days and […]

Best Indian Cuisine Restaurant in Moscow

Does Indian Cuisine remain as good in a foreign country? This question often arises when you have a taste of Italian, Asian and Indian food in Russia. Do the dishes differ from if you eat Indian food in India? The elephant has four legs, Indian food has four pillars. They cannot be replaced, it is […]

7 Popular late night restaurants in St. Petersburg

In a city that never sleeps, it is crucial to know some late night restaurants in St.Peterburg to make you feel at home. Saint Petersburg nightlife includes bars, clubs or a place for an after-party meal to entertain you long after hours.  These restaurants open 24/7 (some of them literally) and will always available, any time […]

7 Weird and Unusual Things To Do in Russia

Do you feel bored of all of things in Russia that also exist in your country? Do you want to try something else other than seeing museums and enjoying scenery? Don’t worry as there are still 7 weird and unusual things to do in Russia. Visiting and trying those things will give you some experience you […]

6 Best Inexpensive Restaurants That You Can Find in Russia

Finding inexpensive restaurants in Russia is actually not a big deal. There are a lot of such places in this biggest country in the world. However, you can fall into a tourist trap if you do not know the places. Tourist trap is a condition when you pay dishes higher than it should be. So, […]

11 Most Hipsters Places in Russia Suitable For Hangout.

Both Moscow and Saint Petersburg are most popular cities of Russia, not to mention that both cities have many places for hipsters to hangout. Although both have such places, there are more in Moscow compare to its counterpart. There are 11 most hipsters places in Russia that hipsters like you need to know. You can also […]

7 Best Cafes in Russia That Well Suited For Youngsters

Are you struggling to find some right cafes that suits your fixed budget? Are you an international student who get a chance to study in Russia? Don’t worry, you are in the right place. There are actually a lot of cafes in Russia. However, does not knowing one you want to go can give you […]

7 Popular Restaurants Visited by Tourist in St. Petersburg, Russia

If you have a pleasure of visiting Saint Petersburg in your journey to Russia, you may as well have one in one of its restaurants. Like the city that provide astonishing views and buildings, its restaurants also serves variety of good atmospheres that you probably never experienced outside the city. Like the city with its […]

5 Most Famous Restaurant Visited by Tourist in Moscow, Russia

If you get a chance to travel to Russia, make sure you visit 5 most famous restaurant visited by tourist in Moscow, Russia. When your body has signaled that it is time to dine, dining there is a good choice. It is more than a pleasure. You will get a good vibe and nice taste […]