7 Popular Restaurants Visited by Tourist in St. Petersburg, Russia

If you have a pleasure of visiting Saint Petersburg in your journey to Russia, you may as well have one in one of its restaurants. Like the city that provide astonishing views and buildings, its restaurants also serves variety of good atmospheres that you probably never experienced outside the city. Like the city with its classic view, you will find the same in 7 popular restaurants visited by tourist in St. Petersburg, Russia.

However, you do not need to worry as those restaurants has their own characteristics you can choose. There are ranges of luxurious to humble cafes in the city. Each category provides its own atmosphere and choice of menu. Here are 7 popular restaurants visited by tourist in St. Petersburg, Russia. Also check popular foods in St. Petersburg during Ramadan, most popular foods in Petersburg during Ramadan and halal restaurant in St. Petersburg.

1. Stroganoff Steak House

If you are a steak lover, you probably want to visit this place. This restaurant claims itself to be the only steak house in Russia that that invests in dry ageing and obtains imported cuts from Australia, New Zealand and Argentina. Moreover, the place serves the steak and chops in large size as well as Russia’s famous beef stroganoff. Furthermore, if you have a baby and kid to dinner, you can take them along. The place has a handy children’s room and even a babysitter ready to take care of your baby during your meal time. The price of dishes are varied. For lunch, the price starts from $19.6. Meanwhile, the dishes during dinner start from $45.76.

2. Tandoor

You will probably not see any Russian dishes in this restaurant. However, you can taste those cuisines from India. Although the menus are mostly from India, the owner has adopted some menus to suit Russians taste buds. So, don’t be surprised when you find Russians curries that suit your Russian taste buds. The menu has been there just after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In addition to curry, the restaurant serve other regular menus, like lentil soups and tasty Indian desserts. The price for dinner starts from $39.23. Meanwhile, the price for lunch is about similar to those of the steak house.

3. Puff Cafe Restaurant

The restaurant is famous among students. You also want to book in advance in the weekends as the restaurant will be full during those days. You can sit or stand to eat while enjoying Soviet-era atmosphere. The menus are probably the ones that interest students as they are quite simple. There are ranges of pie and sandwiches, with a few mayonnaise-heavy salad. Moreover, price of the dishes is really cheap, which is ranges from $7.86 to $13.43.

4. Geography Restaurant

If you are an Asian and longing from dishes from your country, the place may give you want you are longing for. Like its name, the restaurant will give its visitors some international dishes. Some of those particularly come from Asians, like Singapore-style noodles or Szechuan beef. However, you can still taste some Russian dishes, like homemade dumplings, though basically dumplings come from East Asian countries, like China and Korea. In addition to those menus, the restaurant also serves caramelized chicken with Asian mushrooms and green buckwheat.

Regarding the design and interior, there are a lot of vibrant colors. There are also some wood and copper elements and vintage travel posters. If you want to enjoy some live music, you should visit the place in the weekends. During that time, the owner hires Russia’s top DJs who will start the music in the evenings.

5. Kvartirka

The word means “little apartment.” You can find the place just down the street from Corinthia Hotel. The restaurant is cozy. It is designed to look like those in Soviet time. Moreover, there are a lot of historic pictures lining on the walls and authentic memorabilia. In addition to the design, there are many tourists find the menus, including traditional dishes, fascinating and delicious. They have “Draniki” potato pancakes with mushrooms for appetizer. Meanwhile, there are also Pike cutlets with mash potatoes as garnish and Kartoshka pastry or Russian rum ball.

6. Erarta Restaurant

Erarta Restaurant is on Vasilyesky island. It is one building with Erarta Museums of Contemporary Art. Although the place serve traditional dishes they have contemporary twist that make you not able to distinguish both. Moreover, the menu has delicious taste and one gushes that it is the best among museums restaurants. In addition to cooking Russian foods, Chef Grebenshikov makes Mediteranian cuisine. You can try sea foods, like prawns or scallops if you are a sea food lover. Other dishes include beef tartare with sour cream and kale and sea brass with sage leaves and capers. They have summer terrace which is suitable for those who want to enjoy warm summer month. Also check most popular cuisine in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

7. The Social Club

The restaurant is for you who want to have an elegant dining experience. It has Art Nouveau interiors that adds to its uniqueness. Moreover, it has high ceiling, panoramic windows, not to mention delicious foods. They serve zucchini carpaccio with truffle sauce with Grana Padano cheese, cooked cod with cauliflower and spinach balls with ricotta and apple trifle  with almond-hazelnut caramel with mascarpone mouse among others. The place is also great to hold a small gathering for business or casual.

Those are 7 popular restaurants visited by tourist in St. Petersburg, Russia. You can also check the Russian meal time etiquette.

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