7 Popular late night restaurants in St. Petersburg

In a city that never sleeps, it is crucial to know some late night restaurants in St.Peterburg to make you feel at home. Saint Petersburg nightlife includes bars, clubs or a place for an after-party meal to entertain you long after hours.  These restaurants open 24/7 (some of them literally) and will always available, any time […]

6 Top Low Budget Meals in Moscow, Russia

Are you an International student living in Moscow? Do you need to go on budget for meal? Don’t worry. You are safe here. Although you know that almost everything in Moscow is expensive, you still can find several low budget meals for you to survive. Sound impossible? Here are 6 top low budget meals in […]

11 Most Hipsters Places in Russia Suitable For Hangout.

Both Moscow and Saint Petersburg are most popular cities of Russia, not to mention that both cities have many places for hipsters to hangout. Although both have such places, there are more in Moscow compare to its counterpart. There are 11 most hipsters places in Russia that hipsters like you need to know. You can also […]