7 Popular late night restaurants in St. Petersburg

In a city that never sleeps, it is crucial to know some late night restaurants in St.Peterburg to make you feel at home. Saint Petersburg nightlife includes bars, clubs or a place for an after-party meal to entertain you long after hours.  These restaurants open 24/7 (some of them literally) and will always available, any time of day and night. It is another reason to visit Saint Petersburg, the second largest city in Russia.

Popular late night restaurant in St. Petersburg

It’s midnight, or later, and you have just finished your meeting, shopping or just sightseeing through Saint Petersburg. The city has a vibrant street style and the people are more friendly if you compare St.Petersburg and Moscow. It would be amazing to spend your late-night in Saint Petersburg in hotel bed. Instead, try one of these wee-hour-friendly places open until midnight or later and enjoy the city lifestyle at night.

1. The Avenue

This late-night restaurant offers light snacks such as mac and cheese burger, it will guarantee a cheesy pasta and burger goodness. The best recommendation is to order the sweet potato fries, topped with honey and brown sugar. Their dish is light, nothing heavy, perfect for late snacks. On Friday and Saturdays, the kitchen stays open until roughly 12:30 a.m it doesn’t go too late compared to other night restaurants.

2. The Burg Bar and Grill

You can’t go wrong with some grilled dishes late at night. This restaurant understands really well that night snack is the best to have. Their popular menu is the double grilled cheese bacon burger. Moreover, the grilled bacon cheese sandwiches function as a bun to hold 8 ounces of Angus beef. It is a true dish for the soal. The Kitchen opens until 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday when they are the busiest. You can enjoy the most popular cuisine in Saint Petersburg even if it already late.

3. Burrito Boarder

Nothing fancy in this restaurant in the downtown street of Saint Petersburg. They highlight the friendly staff and finger food dishes. Ther most popular menu includes cheese, crunch, meat, guacamole, and beans.  You can enjoy famous places in the city and ended your night in this restaurant that closes at 2 a.m. It gives extra service during the weekend and opens until 3:30 a.m. It is another reason to sit back and relax there.

4. Central Avenue Oyster Bar

If you’re a late-night seafood fan, the Oyster Bar has some seriously fresh mollusks among Saint Petersburg late night restaurants. The kitchen is open until really late, around 3 a.m. Their unique menu surely applies to some true seafood fan, you can get your oysters fresh, fried or spicy. Moreover, if you can’t decide, just get all of them in the oyster trio menu and pick three for snacking.

5. DÖÖNERS 21 

This night restaurant gives a glimpse of German touch in Russia. It serves German and Mediterranean cuisine is perfect for post-drink rumbling tummies. The Döner sandwich is most famous with various topping. You can choose a combination of white and red cabbage, red pickles, tomatoes, cucumbers, tzatziki sauce and choice of meat on freshly baked naan bread.

6. Five Bucks Drinkery

There are many delicious food streets scattered in their market in Saint Petersburg. Five Bucks offers simple and quick meals for late night craving. Their strategic location in the city downtown is usually packed with visitors. Moreover, it has an affordable and tasty menu. You can choose a variety of specialty hot dogs, wings, nachos, and sandwiches. It opens until around 3 a.m daily and even weekend.

7. Joey Brooklyn Famous Pizza Kitchen

There are many unique things in Saint Petersburg that will amaze any visitors. The people are nice, the food is amazingly great and diverse. You can easily find Asian, Mediterranean and Italian food around the city, even late at night. If you have trouble sleeping, nothing like a slice of Joey Brooklyn as good night’s sleep cure. Try their best dish, the five-cheese blend pizza with mozzarella, ricotta, baked gouda, feta and parmesan. You can hang out pretty late until 3 a.m here for your night snacks.


Rollbotto is the late-night restaurant new kid on the block. It is the go-to for some build-your-own approach to sushi that’s quickly becoming a favorite. Visitors can design their own roll with a slew of ingredients or choose from one of their sushi roll recipes. Their cheap price but tasty sushi win customers over. In addition, the night restaurants sometimes throw in a free draft beer on the weekends with a meal.

9. Graf In

The idea behind the Graf In menu is various fusion menu from European, Japanese, Italian cuisines and exclusive Wok dishes. It specializes in Asian dishes with the signature Wok menu from a famous chef from Myanmar who taught the whole team all the details of Asian cuisine.

10. Taco Bus 

The iconic yellow bus opens their way into night restaurants in Saint Petersburg. It opens 24 hours all day long and also they do late-night meals especially well. Visitors go crazy for their torta, an enormous circular bun that is filled with your choice of meat or veggies and cheese. It is similar to the Big Mac, only it’s bigger, fresher and better.

11. Wood Fired Pizza 

Visitors can expect handmade pizza crusts, topped with meat or veggie options. You can even order it from your bar stool and experience an artisanal wood-fired pizza all night long until 2:15 a.m. The Pizza place offers a great warm night restaurants vibe that warms the body from the frizzing night of Russian nights.

12. Mollie Pub

You can always find a great Irish pub anywhere in the world and have a good time. Mollie Pub in St Petersburg and one of the most beloved ones. You can spot this pub on the bar street, Rubinsteina great place to visit any time of the day and night. Moreover, they have a wide selection of beers along with numerous recipes from European, Irish and English cuisine. Saint Petersburg nightlife is not as big as other big cities, Moscow nightlife is very vibrant. In this city, night goes well smoothly where people enjoy the night more with accompanied by friends and good conversations.

13. Flat of Kostya Kroitz

The famous Kroitz Flat is a bar, a restaurant, a tea house, and a hostel. All of this on stop entertainment is situated in a flat on the last floor of one of the historical buildings in the St Petersburg center. In addition, every guest of this flat has his or her own key to enter. Therefore, before your visit be sure to call them out and clarify all the details and book your table. You don’t need to go far to have your basic needs, this place is great for those who love to get things done nearby.

There are many late night restaurants open and entertain people enjoying the night breeze of Saint Petersburg. The city has many Halal Restaurant in St. Petersburg to serve Muslims traveler coming through the city. Moreover, there is halal food in Russia to enjoy that will set ease for the traveler. Saint Petersburg manage to serve various need for the late night howkers rooming the street even long after hours.

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