The Most Comfortable Restaurant in Krasnoyark

Taking a trip to Russia with the famous Trans Siberia can be a life-changing experience. There is something about slow travelling that left a deeper meaning to those who try it. One of the largest city that the train happen to passed is Krasnoyarsk. The administrative city by the Yenisei River is one city you do not want to miss out. It has all the lovely landscape, a typical Siberian area with all the Amazing Facts About Life In Siberia. The third biggest city after Novosibirsk and Omsk tempt people to come mysteriously.

Various Restaurant in Vibrant Krasnoyarsk

Let’s forget about all the interesting places, a sight to see or the flora and fauna in Krasnoyarsk for awhile. before you go any further and explore the city and even its hidden gems. First, get to know the essential for every traveller when you come to a new place. Where to stay and where to eat. As a junction of the Trans-Siberian Railway, you can find a wide array of choices when it comes on what to eat in the area.

1. Bistrot De Luxe Home

There is so much to taste in Krasnoyarsk. Like the many interesting Best And Popular Cuisine In Siberia, comfortable restaurant in this city are various and Bistrot De Luxe Home is one of them. The hidden gem situated downstairs of the same building as The popular Swinya and Biser restaurant. If you are looking for a fine dining experience then you are in the right place. The five-star restaurant put comfort and good food first above anything else. And do not forget the wine when you happen to dine in. That is if you are lucky enough to find the place.

2. 0,75 Please

Now if you seek more then a restaurant, like a great ambience and also attached bar. Then this is the place. This Arctic-themed place manages to elevate the traditional Siberian staples to almost at the same level as Michelin. If you are wondering what is the popular menu in the restaurant, then the Nelma Stroganina, a kind of frozen ceviche is the star of the house.

3. Svinya I Biser

You may feel like coming to an Eastern European restaurant right in the heart of Krasnoyarsk. All the wooden furniture with complex ornament is a particularly great way to end a dispute. The restaurant manages to depict an old Europe to the place. So what’s good from the menu? Almost everything in the meat version is quite alright. The pork, Sausages, shashlyk (meat kebabs), steaks, burgers, and schnitzels in the place is mouth-watering.

4. Bar Bulgakuv

This Russian authentic cuisine restaurant decorates its restaurant with typical Russian decor. Unique Soviet vanguard art and powerful Soviet-era female statue that holds a large fork rather than an oar are best decors ever. The very late restaurant slash bar offers a great selection of alcohol and dinners. The food is a combination of fusion menu from European with traditional Russian stapler. Order the Aubergine stew in a clay pot to warm you up in the cold Russian night along with some rye bread cap.

5. Mama Roma

Ever crave for Italian food in a foreign land? For some people Italian food it to go to cuisine whenever you want something simple. This long-established Italian restaurant has been dining tourist and locals in Krasnoyarsk for years. It is the melting pot of many cultures and the more reason why Krasnoyarsk The Economic And Cultural Center Of Northern Caucasus.  Enjoy the tasty pizza, pasta, risotto and ravioli that make you feel you’re in Italy.

6. Sem Slona

Not comfortable dining in a fancy restaurant? Looking for a place to in 24/7 and cater all you craving? This cafeteria that serves all Russian favourite dishes is the best place in Krasnoyarsk for a quick meal. Buckwheat cuisine is the most popular in this place. You can expect a large portion to fill your hunger at whatever time you feel like it. Nice right?

7. Shiv Ganga

Do not worry. An Asian dining place is also available in this city. The petite restaurant with an Indian menu is handled by a real Indians dependence. This is the right place for a vegan to try to find some vegetarian food in the city. The spices problems may be problematic for some people, so you can just ask the chef for a moderate version to meet your palette.

There are many ways to enjoy Krasnoyarsk. From its all The Krasnoyarsk Historical Heritage and the great food that it serves. Just choose one of these fine comfortable restaurants in the city that suits you best. You will enjoy the city even more by knowing all the various option that you can pick.

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