7 Weird and Unusual Things To Do in Russia

Do you feel bored of all of things in Russia that also exist in your country? Do you want to try something else other than seeing museums and enjoying scenery? Don’t worry as there are still 7 weird and unusual things to do in Russia.

Visiting and trying those things will give you some experience you never know before. Moreover, you can go home with memories you will never forget.

Below are 7 weird and unusual things to do in Russia that you should try. Also read: coolest places for hang out in Russia.

1. Ride on Children’s Railway

What? Do you want to say that you are too old for this? But this is what you call weird. Besides, you cannot deny the fact that riding a train gave you so much fun if you want to remember those days. So, why don’t you just jump in and recall your old time?

If you take the train, you will not see any adults operating it. Because it is entirely operated by children. However, your children cannot operate it yet as they still require some training beforehand. You can take the 5 kilometers ride for about 15 minutes. The trip starts from Yunost station and end at Pioneerskaya. One way trip costs $1.4 and $2.8 for a round trip. For information, the railway has been there since 1937. Moreover, it transported cargo during World War II.

2. Riding a Tank

This one may sound a little bit tough. But you don’t need to worry as the management are professional. The claim themselves not being a holiday agency. They also say that they are professionals who know about military equipment and everything. So, you just need to order and enjoy your day.

According to their website, their most popular destination is skiing in the forest. They have Tank-T 62, BMP-1, BTR-80, BRDM-2 that you can choose according to your budget. You will experience “Young Soldier Course”, eating real field soldier’s cuisine and having fun in nature for military songs. You can also read activities that Russians do in their free time.

They also have children programs. Those include learning how to provide honey, help in the field and disassemble the AKM. Moreover, they hire professional catering to manage your food. In addition, they have “chic military tents, as well as comfortable tents and gazebos among birch forests.”

3. Going on a Quest

From all tourist attractions in Russia, this one is the most creative. Moreover, it is very popular in Moscow. This is a live puzzle game with a lot different theme you can choose. Some of them are related to movies, like Terminator, Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man. You can actually play this game in other cities, like St. Petersburg and Zurich. But the city with the most quest is Moscow. Also read: famous places in Moscow.

If you want to try to play the game, it is available in English. Although some sessions are not. The game is simple. You just need to solve the mystery or puzzle so you can get out from the room you are locked in. Some of them also involve actors. Make sure to bring your friends along to make it more fun and fast. The last, remember that you should invest most of your time to play this game.

4. Dining in Restaurant V Temnote

This is probably the most weird and unusual thing to do in Russia. You will not only enjoy food in this restaurant, but also close your eyes with blindfold. Moreover, you will find that the one who serve you is blind.

To begin, as you will experience in any other restaurants, you will choose a menu. What distinguish this place from other restaurants is, however, the menu you choose is not the exact menu. You will not see the ingredients from the name of the menu. You only know that it is fish-based or with meat or something else. Then, the waiter will lead you to a dark room. It is a very dark room until all you can see is black. You will not see the food either. However, you will experience something you never see before which is being blind. Although you will be blind for about 70 minutes, you will get used to it as you proceed.

Regarding the food quality, you will say that it is okay with fairly expensive meals. However, the cost are just equal with what you will experience.

5. Zombieland Action Quest

Similar to point 3 above, this one is a live quest. You probably want to experience in real life what you have watched in movie or played in game. Now, Russia provides it to you. In addition to giving you most fun, it is good for your physical health.

There are two options in playing the quest. You can battle with zombies in the ship’s holds or you can stroll while enjoying horror attractions. Battling with zombies one is a mixture of a quest and an action/ laser tag game. You will be in a scenario of zombie apocalypse. Then, you should solve puzzles while fighting and shooting your way out of it. You can really feel the horror atmosphere while seeing the zombies as they are actors. Wanna try real terror? Try this.

Those are 7 weird and unusual things to do in Russia that you need to try. You can also check tips to do cheap travelling to Russia.

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