7 Best Cafes in Russia That Well Suited For Youngsters

Are you struggling to find some right cafes that suits your fixed budget? Are you an international student who get a chance to study in Russia? Don’t worry, you are in the right place.

There are actually a lot of cafes in Russia. However, does not knowing one you want to go can give you a trouble as those places range in price. Moreover, the range can be really far. Below are 7 best cafes in Russia that well suited for youngsters, especially students.

1. Yolki-Palki

Some people also call it Elki-Palki. The place is in Moscow. They serve diverse menus of all over former USSR in this so-called traditional place that becomes popular with low price. Moreover, the cafe has design of traditional tavern that you’re gonna love. Although it is traditional, the design is colorful. Furthermore, the place has been a symbol of high quality food and healthy eating.

Opened in 1996, domestic people as well as foreigners quickly recognized the place as pleasant. They serve traditional Russian cuisines that many people love. Since the opening, the place and food were in great demand. Thus, the cafe provides opportunities of franchising. For menu, they serve salad bar “Cart” offering cold snacks, traditional pickles, vegetables and all kinds of salads. Besides, their menus put emphasis on home cooking, natural and healthy nutrition.

2. Mu Mu

The words means “my my.” Like Yolki-Palki, the cafe is also buffet style. Thus, you will find the place as the most basic and economical cafe you ever know. Moreover, it has cow statue in front of it as mascot. So, you will not find it difficult to distinguish among buildings.

They offer all kinds of tasty Russian cuisines inexpensively. You can also enjoy warm and cozy atmosphere with your friends. As one of traditional cafes, Mu Mu let you see the look of their menus before selecting. This allows you to choose based on appearance and avoid any disappointment. After that, you will receive a tray with the dishes you select. Then, you move to the cashier to pay your order and enjoy the meal.

They offer menus for breakfast, sushi bar, hot plates, soups, salad and snacks, pastes, pizzas and more. If your place is far from the cafe of just don’t want to go out, you can ask for free delivery with minimum order or 950 rubles or $15.13. If you want to get 10% off, you can order your dishes from the site and pick them on your own.

3. Stolovaya 57

The place is on the 3rd floor of Gum Galleries in Red Square. The place is good for you if you want a quick and cheap place to eat. There, you will find all kind of dishes you want to try in Russia. Although the employees sometimes do not know English, their services are quick that suits your busy days.

4. Stolle

The cafe is just newly opened on Pushkinskaya Street, 22. It is exactly on the opposite of the Drama Theater. The place is just right for you if you want to taste Russian pirozhki in very cheap price. Moreover, the place is famous for its pies. They offer varied ranges of pies. They also accept orders for self-delivery and delivery of pies. In addition to pie, they serve Napoleon cake.

5. Grabli

Opened on August 24, 2015, the cafe’s design has a concept of a symbiosis of the ideas of art-decor and modern art. With large space, it is full of airships and balloons as the decor. When compared, the place has better food than those of Mu Mu.

There, you can taste many variety of dishes. They have breakfast menus until 12:00 P.M. For breakfast, they have menus like porridge, omelette and thick pancake. They also have variety of salads, starters, dumplings, soups and more. If you want some meats, they also offer variety of meat and fish dishes. They have tiramisu desert and triple mousse as well. Free delivery service is also available at this place with minimum order of 800 rubles or $12.73. However, the service is only available in Moscow. Also check halal restaurant in Moscowmost popular drinks in Moscow during Ramadan and  most popular foods in Moscow during Ramadan.

6. Teremok

The place is one of fast food chains focusing on making crepes. Although the place is famous for offering crepes, you can also try the pelmeni, Russian salad and more. They have cheese cakes, breads, hot drinks and more. Moreover, there are variety of sweet pancakes, like pancake with chocolate cream and banana, apple caramel pancake and pancake with cherry jam. There are also variety of soups, like borsch “teremkovsky,” pea soup with smoked products and chicken noodles with meatballs. Also check manti to celebrate Eid al Fitr.

7. Kroshka Kartoshka

Like teremok, it is also fast food chain. This is the place for potato lovers, according to the name that means “small potatoes.” In this place, potatoes are cooked in thousands ways. If you do not know, potatoes are the second important products after bread in Russia. There are many ways of eating potatoes, either in soups, mash, salad, boiled, fried, etc.

Opened in 1998, the place offers crab rolls, large sandwich with chicken breast, beagle with red fish, rural burger and garlic bread. For desserts, they have cheese cake, “potato” cake, tartu strawberry, morse berry and more.

Those are 7 best cafes in Russia that well suited for youngsters. You can also read the Russian meal time etiquette.

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