5 cafes in Russia that are suitable for book worms to read

There’s nothing better than spending a snowy evening with a hot cup of coffee. Winter in Russia is cold, and a warm café with comfy chairs would be a perfect place to hide from the harsh weather. Complete that with a good book, perhaps a Russian classic, and you get a perfect setup if you […]

11 Most Hipsters Places in Russia Suitable For Hangout.

Both Moscow and Saint Petersburg are most popular cities of Russia, not to mention that both cities have many places for hipsters to hangout. Although both have such places, there are more in Moscow compare to its counterpart. There are 11 most hipsters places in Russia that hipsters like you need to know. You can also […]

8 Comfortable and Must visited and Coffee Shops in Russia

Are you a coffee lover? Are you travelling to Moscow or Saint Petersburg and know nothing about good coffee shops to go to? Don’t worry, you are at the right place right now. Below are 8 must visited and comfortable coffee shops in Russia that may satisfy your appetite of a good coffee. 1. Shokoladnista […]