Discover 4 Things To Do In Krasnaya Polyana During The Holiday

Krasnaya Polyana is a city in Sochi which is known as an urban-type settlement. This city is categorized into the resort settlements type, which means the area is focusing on resorts and health facilities development and populated by at least 2,000 people. Nationally, this place is very famous for its ski resort. Yes, it is […]

3 Interesting Places To Spend On Holiday In Sochi

Sochi is one of the cities in Russia which popular as Russia’s largest resort city. As a resort city, Sochi has tourism as the main component of its economy. As the largest resort city, Sochi has a pretty big population. According to the census, there is an increase from 2002 to 2010. In 2002, there […]

Stay Happily In The Gloomy Legend Uglich, Russia

When we talk about visiting Russia, the first city that might come to mind is Moscow. As the capital city of Russia, there are many sites you can come to and many places you can be amazed by. Among many of its attractions, the first thing you have to visit is Red Square, the heart […]

9 Modern Entertainment That Russian Loves To See Today

Russia is rich in culture and traditions. It makes the country become an ideal place to hold some events. Moreover, those culture and traditions become local entertainment. There are so many culture and traditions to enjoy in Russia. Those usually involve some music and dance. These what absorb Russian people’s attention. Years have passed. Culture […]

6 Things Russian Loves To Do in Spring Time

There are so many things Russian loves to do in spring time. If you get a chance to go to Russia during March until April, you may find that Russia is in spring time. Although the weather is still cold, at least there is not much snow falling. Moreover, you can see the first sunlight […]

4 Facts of The State Hermitage Museum in St.Petersburg

The State Hermitage Museum located in the central of St. Petersburg. The museum itself is the oldest museum in St. Petersburg and the second largest in the world. It was founded in 1764 under the rule of Empress Catherine the Great. At that time, the Empress acquired huge collection of paintings. The paintings originally were […]

3 Facts of The Kremlin Armoury Museum in Moscow

The Kremlin Armoury Museum is located in the Moscow Kremlin. It is one of the oldest museums of Moscow. The museum itself built in 1851. In 1508, the building of Kremlin Armoury originated as the royal arsenal. It was in charge of several functions. The functions include producing and storing weapons, jewelry and other household […]

11 Most Hipsters Places in Russia Suitable For Hangout.

Both Moscow and Saint Petersburg are most popular cities of Russia, not to mention that both cities have many places for hipsters to hangout. Although both have such places, there are more in Moscow compare to its counterpart. There are 11 most hipsters places in Russia that hipsters like you need to know. You can also […]

History of the Beautiful Catherine Palace

Catherine palace is in the town of Pushkin, near St. Petersburg. People once called the city as Tsarskoye Selo or the Tsars’ village. History of the beautiful Catherine Palace began when Peter the Great once created the city in 1703. He built it on a marshy river delta of all places available. At that time, […]