Best Asian Cuisine Restaurant in Moscow

bao barMoscow has a diverse and vibrant food scene, from Asian cuisine, Italian dishes until Mediterranean fusion delicacy. You can easily find Halal restaurants, famous late-night restaurants, and famous restaurants for tourist across Moscow. Whatever your taste and preference, Moscow has it all.

Best Asian Cuisine Restaurant

Asian cuisine is in high demand in Moscow these days and receives great feedbacks. Therefore, numerous restaurants getting in on the action and popping up in the city. Asian cuisine spans the world’s largest continent from Chinese delight, Vietnamese dishes to Japanese best food. If you’re looking to try Asian Cuisine when you’re in Moscow, take a look at our pick of the best Asian Cuisine restaurants, where each offers delightful authentic dishes from curry to sushi and noodles.

  1. Bao + Bar

Traditional Chinese cuisine is reflected in a contemporary way in this restaurant. This cozy retreat has a vast selection of noodle dishes and sushi at affordable prices. You can’t go wrong with ordering a bowl of noodle, which is their most popular dish. Choose one of the four favorite noodle options with different toppings and you’ll have an unforgettable palette experience.

  1. Ducks & Noodles

Russia most iconic places attract many visitors, this place also has the same appeals as Asian restaurants. It highlights ducks cuisine and noodles to their customers. You’re guaranteed to have a good time here with a great choice of chicken, prawns and traditional. Chinese cuisine is one of the most ancient, nourishing, and diverse in the world.

Downtown Moscow serves various light snacks such as dumplings, chow mein, and wonton to mooncake and congee. Moreover, their one-pot meals are such a deal breaker with duck as their superstar ingredient.

  1. Jimmy Lee

Welcome to Shanghai look alike vibe in the heart of Moscow. You can stroll on many famous landmarks in Moscow then have a lunch here. A brand new restaurant which Asian cuisine with a modern touch blends well in the hand of Chinese Chef, Jimmy Li. The menu of the restaurant carries an authentic rich typical Chinese character. Moreover, Jimmy himself the chef claims to uses only the freshest seasonal ingredients to create flavorsome Chinese courses.

  1. Phobo

This budget café in the heart of Moscow brings you the authentic delicious food in Vietnam. The prices are affordable and suit backpacker traveling to Russia very well. Viet food in Moscow is served really fast and considers very healthy. All the original spices come together to bring the visitor joy and a great experience. It is a nice addition for people traveling in Russia in a budget. Among many affordable hostels, easy and cheap metro stations to get around and many low budget meals in their cafes and restaurant. It is perfect for any kind of traveler.

  1. Yoko

This contemporary Japanese restaurant brings a glimpse of Tokyo to Moscow. A must-visit place for any sushi or fish lover in the city. Yoko Restaurant offers the freshest fish from the best fish market in Tokyo, giving an authentic Japanese food experience. The vast variety of seafood includes bluefin tuna, halibut, calamari, Kanpachi, hamachi, sea urchin and scallops. This restaurant also available for food delivery that brings the best Japanese food to your doorsteps.

The Japanese ambiance creates a modern and minimalist interior design. The name Yoko means bright, light or sunny in Japanese, which perfectly describes the atmosphere in the restaurant with large windows across one side of the restaurant. Soft furnishings, grey marble, stone, matt glass, and orchids create a relaxed ambiance suitable for dining alone or in a group.

  1. Hite

This amazing retreat serves Asian cuisine that highlights Koreans dishes. Hite is a Korean barbecue restaurant with various Asian dishes. The interior decor that depicts elegant Korean decor, is perfectly designed for an authentic dining experience. Meat and fish are both tasty on a grill and the menu offers a number of different choices of eating, including vegetables and fruits.

  1. Hon Gil Don –Noodles & Bar

The restaurant slash bar in a new concept familiar with other restaurants in Moscow. Their Asian cuisine offers its visitors great drinks, dancing the night away, tasty Asian courses and a festive atmosphere right from the entrance door. Hon Gil Don has a youth ambiance with modern and popular music and dance. Enjoy their noodles, sushi and also a Japanese cocktail to relaxing after a long day with a big plate of noodles.

  1. U-me

The modern and old restaurant established back in 2003 still operate in daily bases. The famous Japanese chef Nogami Takashi create this restaurant and maintain its popularity among Japanese lover in Moscow. Therefore, if you want to eat here, you need to book in advance. In addition, visitors surely will enjoy an excellent menu of top-quality classics such as yakitori chicken with sauce, tuna sashimi with salad, crispy shrimp tempura, and dragon rolls. Moreover, Japanese is also well-known for their sweet treats.

  1. Megumi

Megumi is an authentic Japanese restaurant on the ground floor of the Lotte Hotel in the heart of Moscow. Megumi’s menu is full of the finest and rarest ingredients from the world, blending traditional and modern Japanese delicacies. Moreover, this also including 20 authentic products to the Moscow sushi market. A vast list of Japanese sake is also available in the restaurant for those interested in Japanese drinks. while two Japanese and two Russian chefs are responsible in the restaurant masterpieces Asian cuisine served up. The overall experience makes traveling to Moscow more appealing than ever.

  1. Moscow-Delhi

This authentic Indian cafe very famous among other cafes in Moscow.  The historical heart of Moscow where this restaurant serves their customers. Russia has some vegetarian recipes which are healthy and tasty, However, this restaurant offers its visitors a wide range of vegetarian and vegan courses accompanied by sauces and teas.

The place serves Japanese food when traveling to Moscow or in craving for a multi-course sushi dinner fix. Moreover, based on traditional Japanese cuisine principles and set with temaki, rolls and Kobe beef.

  1. Baan Tai

The most popular Thailand restaurant in the street of Moscow. The interior with rich golden pillar resembles more a temple lookalike. The word “Baan Thai” means “Thai House” which greet visitors as if they come to their own home. Just like any other Asian cuisine, Thai food is quite spicy. Therefore, the chef has reduced the spiciness to meet the western tongues. However, you can ask for any levels of spiciness to the chef if this is not a problem.

There are many Asian cuisine restaurants that you can sink your teeth in among the busy street style of Moscow. The city is a melting pot of all nationalities that come and experience Russia persona. Tourists from all over the world can visit Russia and can always find a little piece of home there.

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