5 Stunning Facts of Pechora Sea, Russia

What are you looking for in Russia sea? Is that enough when you know facts about 7 Wonderful facts of Barents Sea? Well, We want you to know more about the Russia sea. Russia have another unique and interesting sea beside Barent sea. The located is near Barents Sea. Well, your curiousity will leads you […]

9 Famous Places to Visit in Kazan That Will Make You Amaze

If someone asked you to mention famous places to visit in Russia. can you mention something else then Moscow and Saint Petersburg? The chances are very unlikely. Russian landmarks and tourist attraction spots are centered in this two city. Moscow is the capital city, the center of education and economy of Russia and Saint Petersburg as […]

7 Weird and Unusual Things To Do in Russia

Do you feel bored of all of things in Russia that also exist in your country? Do you want to try something else other than seeing museums and enjoying scenery? Don’t worry as there are still 7 weird and unusual things to do in Russia. Visiting and trying those things will give you some experience you […]