6 Best Inexpensive Restaurants That You Can Find in Russia

Finding inexpensive restaurants in Russia is actually not a big deal. There are a lot of such places in this biggest country in the world. However, you can fall into a tourist trap if you do not know the places. Tourist trap is a condition when you pay dishes higher than it should be. So, it is wise to learn about those places before you get going.

Here are 6 best inexpensive restaurants that you can find in Russia for your budget.

1. Prekrasnaya Zelenaya

Are you a vegetarian? You probably want to visit the place as it offers variety of dishes for vegetarian. It is in Mokhovaya street, 41, Saint Petersburg. Unlike other vegetarian restaurant, however, the place offers eggs, fish and meat. In addition to becoming one of inexpensive restaurant, you can enjoy nice atmosphere there.

For diner, you can taste soup from ginger and pumpkin or pumpkin seeds and sweet Vedic omelets without eggs and with bananas and cardamom. For drinks, you can order variety of fresh juices. They also have curried pumpkin, meals with great herbs and spices, lasagna with spinach, tomatoes and cheese, and more.

2. Culinary Market “Gusli”

Still in the same city, you can visit Culinary Market “Gusli.” You may find the place interesting as you can see how they prepare and cook their foods. The new cafe “exhibit” the action in an open room. Visitors can watch the cook showing off their talents from a huge glass wall.

There, you can have any kinds of dishes, like salads, hot dishes, desserts and pastries. They prepare all of them exclusively on order. Moreover, they only use fresh ingredients. So, you may not see any frozen ingredients coming out from chiller there. If you wish, you can buy some fresh bread coming out from the oven for a great price. You can also visit some of these popular restaurants visited by tourists in St. Petersburg.

3. Dukhan Chito-Ra

Moving to Moscow, the city has expensive living cost in Moscow. However, there are still some inexpensive restaurants surround it, which is Dukhan Chito-Ra. The place has Georgian menus to offer. Besides, it is one of the cheapest restaurants in the city.

For starters, they have menu with a lot of vegetables. Moreover, they have variety of dumplings. The most famous dumplings is it is the one with meat fillings. If you wish to try it, be careful as the dumplings contain much delicious broth. So, make sure that you bite a little and suck it out before eating the rest. For further information, you may want to get there before your belly is fully empty as there is usually a queue just to get in. So, don’t starve yourself while going down to the place.

4. Chestnaya Kukhnya

If you are wondering what is the meaning of the words, they means “honest cuisine.” This is because they offer delicious food at affordable price. So, there is no lie both in taste and price. Moreover, the decorations and interiors are very homey and make you feel like living in rural area. There are wooden cupboards, plaid chairs and jars of pickle and jam lining the shelves.

You can engage with the chef with the open kitchen. There are succulent wild boar burgers, deer tartar with quail eggs and stuffed moose. The place also has homemade liqueur. They mix whiskey with berries and chili. There is also tarragon gin mixed with blackcurrant and nutmeg.

5. Propaganda

I don’t know with all range of words available but the owner chooses the word, anyway. Yup, Propaganda. Sounds so rude, right? But the fact that the place is the oldest night clubs in Russia may explain it. Do you suddenly think about Russian roulette? Maybe such thing also happened in the place long time ago.

Despite the name, Propaganda offers exquisite Russian and international food at affordable prices. They have Caesar salad, coffees and cocktails. All of them are suitable for low budgets. You are also welcomed to have low price for your business lunch. If you want to see the place’s transformation, go a little late around 10 p.m. then you will see that the place changes into a night club. Also read: most famous restaurants visited by tourists in Moscow.

6. Stolovaya No. 57

What do you know about famous restaurants among students and youngsters? If your answer is affordable prices, you are correct. Stolovaya No. 57 offers delicious menus with cheap prices. You may hear about Stolovaya No. 1 which also serves affordable menus. However, the place is in the other capital city of Russia.

Using cafeteria-style concept, the place is in the big shopping center right on Red Square. It is exactly at Gum Department Store, 3rd floor, 3rd line. The place opens at 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

In addition to be famous among students, it is actually famous among Muscvites in general. Their reason of loving the place is the same, which is cheap price. If you have a chance to get there, try Salad Olivier.

Those are 6 best inexpensive restaurants that you can find in Russia. There are also 8 most cozy places in Russia that you must visit.

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