5 Specific Arts Of Halal Russian Restaurant

Russia is one country that is very famous for its delicious food. What types of food can you find there. Starting from meat, vegetables, bread, cookies and soup. But Russia is not a country with one hundred percent Muslim population. Christianity is a religion with majority followers in Russia, and Islam is the second. This […]

11 Most Served Desserts In Russian Restaurants

With an abundance of rich wild berries and other distinct Russian fruits, sweet delicacy such as desserts hold a special place on the restaurant table. Some of the Things You Need To Taste In Russia is the amazing delicious dessert that is particularly valued highly as it is considered as a luxury. Russia season change into four, […]

The Best Place to Have a Weekend Brunch in Russia

Too late for breakfast but too early for lunch? This is where brunch fills the gap. An abbreviation of Breakfast and lunch, brunch makes a nice excuse to eat as late as 10 pm in the morning. Bruch is a casual activity usually when you meet up and hanging out with friends. While traveling to […]

11 Famous Late Night Restaurant in Moscow

Late night Moscow, Russia is vibrant and there is always something to do even if it already passes midnight. The capital city of Russia never sleeps and serves 24 hours a day restaurants. Therefore, it is possible to eat out after midnight among the famous restaurant in Moscow where it is easy to find a halal […]

6 Best Inexpensive Restaurants That You Can Find in Russia

Finding inexpensive restaurants in Russia is actually not a big deal. There are a lot of such places in this biggest country in the world. However, you can fall into a tourist trap if you do not know the places. Tourist trap is a condition when you pay dishes higher than it should be. So, […]