5 Most Famous Restaurant Visited by Tourist in Moscow, Russia

If you get a chance to travel to Russia, make sure you visit 5 most famous restaurant visited by tourist in Moscow, Russia. When your body has signaled that it is time to dine, dining there is a good choice. It is more than a pleasure. You will get a good vibe and nice taste of food.

However, the first time you choose the menu, you will find the appearance of the food is different from any other cuisine in all over Europe. The same also goes to the taste, although the latter is quite similar to those from Europe. This is due to Russian culinary blends those from its neighbors within Central Asia, the Middle East and Central Europe. Although the menu is quite peculiar, you will find the taste just right. In addition, the atmosphere and presentation will make you want to give those restaurants another shot.

Here are 5 most famous restaurant visited by tourist in Moscow, Russia that you need to know. You can also read halal restaurant in Moscow and halal restaurant in St. Petersburg.

1. Cafe Pushkin

Opened in June 1999, the luxurious Cafe Pushkin becomes one of reference restaurants in Moscow. Its presentation is remarkable for those who want to enjoy elegance and refinement with fully liveried waiters, vintage furniture and antiques. It also suitable those who want to have nostalgia of the opulent imperial Russia across three themed floors in Baroque style. The building is actually a renovation of 19th century mansion.

The name of the cafe derives from legendary Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin. However, the construction of the cafe is not simply as the love of the owner toward the poet. It started with French chansonnier, Gilbert Bécaud, writing and performing a song called “Natalie.” He dedicated the song to his Russian tour guide after visiting Moscow. The song mentioned “Cafe Pushkin.” Although the cafe was just a fiction, his fans went searching for the cafe everywhere. Inspired by the song, then, founder and restaurateur, Andrei Dellos, established the real Cafe Pushkin in 1999.

You will experience a feeling of eating at a fancy library if you go there. The owner claims that there are a lot of aristocratic men visiting the place for recreation. They sometimes gathered for lunch business. The restaurant has two different dining halls, which are Pharmacy and Library Halls. Moreover, the two halls serve different menus. You can choose whatever you want to eat in the selected atmosphere. You can also read the Russian meal time etiquette.

2. White Rabbit

If you want to go to a fancy restaurant, you may want to choose this one. White Rabbit took 23rd place of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. The restaurant is beneath a glass dome on the 16th floor of Smolenskiy Passage. Moreover, it serves killer view. You can see the wide sky just by looking at the top roof and you can enjoy much building from where you sit. However, you should book in advance if you want to enjoy your meals by the window. The competition is quite tight and rare.

Regarding the meal, you do not need to worry as the restaurant has its own chef, Vladimir Mukhin. The chef makes Russian cuisines using local products. In the evening, you may want to taste special menu presented at the Chef’s table.

3. Chemodan Restaurant

If you are a kind of person who love to try something new, this place is right for you. The restaurant serves a very rare menu that comes from rare ingredients. The chefs who work in the restaurant obtain such ingredients from far-away regions of Russia, including Siberia. No doubts that this place becomes one of the most appealing restaurants in Moscow. Moreover, the restaurant has won TripAdvisor’s ‘Certificate of Excellence’ in 2014. While enjoying some old musics, you can have some special menus that include dishes based on salmon, caviar, boar, deer, squid, goose or reindeer.

4. Buono Restaurant

This place is quite similar to that of White Rabbit. It is on the 29th and 30th floors of the renovated Ukraina Hotel, the new Radisson Royal. The hotel is in one of Moscow’s seven famous skyscrapers. Like White Rabbit, this restaurant serves a breathtaking view of the city through a line of panoramic window. You can enjoy the view while having a wooden pizza that always be guests’ pleasure to have. The restaurant’s chef is Christian Lorenzini who has specialization in classic Italian cuisine. You can also try scallops with fresh spinach, green asparagus, morels and truffle sauce.

5. Restaurant C.D.L

The place is one of high-class restaurant in Moscow. If you do not believe, that the owner says that American presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush are former patrons. Located in most busiest area , however, the place stands in quieter street which is Povarskaya St, 50/53, Moskva. It is in 19th century old building with Silver Age of Russian Culture-inspired interiors.

Moreover, it’s Oak Hall has a unique design of interior. It is a beautiful staircase that does not need any nail to build. A private club manages the place. If you opt for elegant atmosphere, this is the right place. When you first enter the place you will always miss its large glistening chandelier, plush furniture and grand piano. The restaurant serves variety of dishes which are mixes of Russian and East European. Restaurant’s chef, Alexander Popov, cooks such menu as roasted pigeon with pear and pickled apples which is a full-flavored organic dish. You should also try golubtsy, cabbage rolls stuffed with mince meat.

Those are 5 most famous restaurant visited by tourist in Moscow, Russia that you need to visit during your vacation in Russia. You can also read the most popular foods in Moscow during Ramadhan fasting.

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