5 Things to Do in Moscow in December

Those who do not want to stray from the solace of a warm climate will pass up all that Moscow brings to the table throughout the winter. The ornamental and memorable city becomes animated when the temperatures plunge to below freezing and the snow begins falling on the street. Not at all like different urban […]

9 Things You Should Do in Russia Before 2019 Over

Russia, the biggest country on the planet, has become a hotspot for visitors over the most recent couple of decades. The dynamic history and culture have an assorted variety of appeals to individuals from everywhere throughout the world while likewise guaranteeing that there are incredible top activities in Russia you should do before 2019 is […]

10 Amazing Things You Should Do in Kamchatka Peninsula with Loved Ones

Being a 1,250-kilometre-long peninsula in the Russian Far East, the Kamchatka Peninsula carries on exceptional beauty that you’d definitely fall for. Especially when you’ve figured out facts about Uzon Caldera in Kamchatka, Russia as well as facts about Kamchatka, the most hazardous place in Russia that will make you gasp in wonder. You’re not a […]

9 Best Things to Do and See in Irkutsk, Russia

Trying to find best things to do and see in Irkutsk, Russia is not that hard. Why? Simply because there are a lot of things to see and do here in this city. From nature, architecture, to religious sites, you can make your own choice of places to visit in Irkutsk easily. However, these 9 […]

5 Things New Comers Must Do to Realize the Russian Heritage

Are you going to move in the near future? Are you moving to another city or maybe to another country? As a newcomer in the future, you have to make preparations in advance before moving on. One of them is to learn about how life will be in the place where you will move later. […]

10 Super Fun Things to Do When You Visit Altai Mountains

Who wouldn’t feel super excited when it comes to travelling? Perhaps not everyone, but most people would be so enthutiastic, busy planning the itienary and imagining just how great would the trip be. For someone who loves travelling, even the thought of going on a trip is too exciting. However, at times it might be […]

7 Fun Things to Do with Your Children in St. Petersburg

Traveling with children can be wonderful if you know how to keep them happy by visiting children-friendly places and do things that excite them. In St. Petersburg, there are several places that offer entertainment suitable for children. Fortunately, those places do not only offer pleasing activities for children, but also for their parents. So here […]

7 Possible things you can do during winter in Russia

Visiting Russia at its peak season of summer is less challenging for those who like a thrilling experience. While some of the people prefer summer, as the days are long and the temperature are warm, so they can explore Russia as much as they want without being afraid of harsh and cold weather. On the […]

9 Recommended items in Russia to buy if you have low budget

Going on vacation, usually, mean you need you to buy some souvenirs for your neighbors or relatives. It also true, especially if you go to Russia which has much diversity in their culture. Different culture and tradition mean different things they could produce as souvenirs, and with Russia, as one of the largest countries. It means […]

8 Best Things You Must Do in Kazan, Russia (Bucket-list Goals)

Nothing could be better for a traveller to sit back in the balcony and take a sip of warm tea while thinking of the good times during the trip. Well, such thing won’t happen if you can’t even get to enjoy your trip in a place to the fullest, right? Make sure you prepare your […]