11 Most Hipsters Places in Russia Suitable For Hangout.

Both Moscow and Saint Petersburg are most popular cities of Russia, not to mention that both cities have many places for hipsters to hangout. Although both have such places, there are more in Moscow compare to its counterpart. There are 11 most hipsters places in Russia that hipsters like you need to know. You can also check best cafes in Russia for youngsters.

1. The Burger Brothers

What are hip places without any place to eat. Zalesski brothers designed the place for the pickiest foodies and contemporary gourmet gurus in Moscow. If you live in Moscow’s Tverskoy district, it will be easy to find the place. It is near Tverskaya and Petrovskaya streets.

There are varieties of burgers and dishes in their menu. Both are great for any drinks they offer. Thus, this place is definitely that right place for hipsters.

2. David B. Cafe

If you are a fan of David Bowie, you definitely should go to this place. Yes, that B is the short of “Bowie.” The cafe is full of the famous artist’s photos on the wall and books about him on the shelves. Although you can see all of those photos in the internet, seeing them real is worth the wait. Besides, it is famous for offering the best coffee in the district.

It also has perfectly-baked croissants topped with almonds and cinnamon. Also read most famous restaurants visited by tourists in Moscow.


3. FLACON Design Factory

Looking for multi-places in one go? If so, FLACON Design Factory is the right place for you. The venue is near old perfume bottle factory in Moscow. Small vegan bakeries and organic shops to galleries are there at some spots. There are also independent shops and bookstores.

Moreover, owners arrange annual art and design events on special days in the place.


4. Respublica Bookstore

Are you a book lover? If so, you need to go to this bookstore sometime. It is not an ordinary bookstore. They have varied and quality books. You will always unique and special in this place. In addition to finding books, you will see a unique fine art and photography section on the second floor.

Meanwhile, you can find a great music and rare books upstairs. If there is an award, his bookstore will definitely win.


5. Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Museums can be one of hipsters places. With nice architecture and good outdoor seating, Garage Museum is a must-visit place. Their exhibition, including reclusive animals, is great. Moreover, their navigation throughout the exhibition is easy to follow.

In addition to exhibition, they have nice bookshop and decent cafeteria. This place is ideals for hanging out with friends on weekends.


6. Yumbaker

One more cafe in the list, Yumbaker is a small and cozy place to go to. They offer ranges of dessert with so many dishes. They have tasty cakes, pastries and breakfast. Some of highlights in their menu are Benedict eggs and carrot cake.

If you go there for desserts, you can have variety of cakes and macaroons. For dishes, they have buckwheat with eggs and asparagus and others. Meanwhile, they have complimentary mint and lemon water among other drinks that include coffee.

7. Jerome

Turning to Saint Petersburg, the restaurant is hip in the area. Not only offering a cozy place, Jerome also offers delicious food. Not to mention that they are also affordable.

Moreover, their service is good. If you want to taste some Italian foods with French inspiration, you must visit this place. Also read popular restaurants visited by tourists in Saint Petersburg.



8. Opetit Cafe

Talking about coffee shops, there are a lot in Saint Petersburg. However, if you want to enjoy your coffee in a French style cafe, this place is for you. In addition to its style, the place is super cozy. You can enjoy your coffee with any desserts or pastries you want.

They have latte art and croissant. Moreover, the building have two floors. The first floor is for chatting while the second is for work, which also means a quieter place.

9. Table Cafe

Talking about hip places, cafe is one of them. Located in the business neighborhood of Moscow, it is said that Table Cafe was created by hipsters, for hipsters. In addition to enjoying your coffee, here you can listen to your hip songs. You can have freshly roasted artisan coffee or foam art latte. Whatever it is, it’s never wrong to accompany your gathering with friends. You can also have a casual brunch before noon and a glass of beer in the evening. Also check halal restaurant in Moscow.

10. Enthusiast Moto Cafe Moscow

This place is right for you who appreciate Vespa riding, craft beer, authentic food, art, movies, parties and garage sales. It is even better if you go on Fridays or Sundays. Because they have parties with good music. Moreover, the place owns a record label. So, you can try submitting your songs and turn them into album.

11. Artplay

If you look for arts to put on your Instagram, Artplay offers you that. The place is full of nice street art. There are so many ranges of places, the core being design studios, interiors showrooms and exhibition spaces. Besides, if you want to grab some unique souvenirs, you can go to the neighborhood.

Those are 11 most hipsters places in Russia. You can also read comfortable and must visit coffee shop in Russia.

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