3 Best Hiking Routes To Try In Sochi

There are many kinds of activities you can do during the holiday. If you like to stay at home, you can spend your time reading books or trying out some cooking recipes. If you enjoy watching art performance, you can get to a theatre or to the museum where you can observe the art exhibition. […]

4 Everlasting Things You Can Do Any Season Only In Sochi

As one of the cities in Russia, Sochi is popular as the resort city. With this title, it is very natural for many people to expect to find many attractive places and activities in Sochi. What makes this place is even more interesting is the fact that it has subtropical weather. This means you are […]

3 Interesting Places To Spend On Holiday In Sochi

Sochi is one of the cities in Russia which popular as Russia’s largest resort city. As a resort city, Sochi has tourism as the main component of its economy. As the largest resort city, Sochi has a pretty big population. According to the census, there is an increase from 2002 to 2010. In 2002, there […]

The Unique History of Russian Tea Producer, Sochi

Drinking tea is a very popular thing for many people. Especially when drinking tea in the afternoon. Many people spend their time with family while drinking tea together. It’s a fun activity, isn’t it? Sometimes many tea lovers don’t know the history of the tea they enjoy. Even some of them are not aware of […]

Another Sides of Sochi Russia, Sea-Touching Your Feelings

Have you ever visited Russia? Maybe there are some people who have come to Russia and some have not. Many people know Russia because of the big cities there like Moscow and St. Petersburg. But did you know that in Russia there is a city called Sochi? Maybe the name of the city of Sochi […]

Facts of Sochi, The Hottest Place In Russia

Sochi is one of the cities which is the most popular tourist destination in Russia. In this place there is a backdrop of snowy peaks of the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea coast. Stretching along 147 km, Sochi Raya is the second longest city in the world. Sochi was hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics and […]

6 Reasons to Visit Sochi as Part of Your Holiday

Who does not know about Sochi?, yes, it is one of football stadiums that is used to effectuate 2018 world cup. It does not only has a football stadium that be able to be visited, but it is also has a lot of interesting things to be known and be visited. Therefore, it is one […]