Stay Happily In The Gloomy Legend Uglich, Russia

When we talk about visiting Russia, the first city that might come to mind is Moscow. As the capital city of Russia, there are many sites you can come to and many places you can be amazed by. Among many of its attractions, the first thing you have to visit is Red Square, the heart of Russia. This is a great destination if you want to learn about Moscow’s and Russia’s history. Once you come to Red Square, it is very easy to go to the other city’s attractions, such as the Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and Lenin’s Mausoleum.

As stated before, St. Basil’s Cathedral is another must-see attraction. The onion-shaped glistening rainbow domes are an archetypal image you can not miss. Legend has it that Tsar considered St. Basil’s Cathedral as so beautiful that he wanted the architecture to be blinded so that he would not create something more mesmerizing than the cathedral.

Another place you should not miss is Lenin’s Mausoleum. This is the building that houses a glass sarcophagus where they keep the embalmed body of Vladimir Lenin, the remarkable icon behind Russian revolutionary. The popularity of this place is proved by the 2.5 million visitors that willing to stand in a queue to get into this building every year.

Besides Moscow, there is also another city you can be put as your next destination. This time we talk about Uglich, a historic town in Russia. When you learn about the story of Uglich, you will find some dark parts in it. But, that is not the only thing about Uglich. Knowing the attractive activities to do in this city will help you to stay happily in the gloomy legend Uglich, Russia.

Uglich, The Historic City Of Russia

  • The Beginning of Uglich’s History

Uglich is a very old city. It was originally found in 937 but first documented as Ugliche Pole (Corner Field) in 1148. Since the local princes sold their rights to the great prince of Moscow, this city of 34.507 population had been the estate of a prince from 1218-1328. It was started when Ivan The Great gave this town to Andrey Bolshoy, his younger brother, in 1462. It is all thanks to Andrey Bolshoy for during his reign that Uglich had an expansion. Construction of the first stone buildings was taking place during the same period. The buildings are the cathedral, the Intercession Monastery, and the Red Brick Palace Of The Prince.

During the leadership of Ivan The Terrible, the city was passed down again. This time to Yury, his only brother. At that time, with the help of the local people, Ivan The Terrible built a wooden fortress that effected the fall of Kazan. All through the 16th century, Uglich prospered both cities regarding the politic and economic. Unfortunately, good luck turned to the opposite after that.

  • The Gloomy Story of Uglich

This is when the storyline of Uglich gets dark. Dmitry Ivanovich was expelled to Uglich in 1584 after his father, Ivan The Terrible passed away. On May the 15th 1591, the 10-yea-old son was found dead in the palace yard with his throat cut. Everybody was feeling suspicious towards Boris Godunov who at that time worked as the chief advisor. The suspicion did not appear to be proven true since the investigator stated that Dmitry’s death was a misfortune. Dmitry Ivanovich was the last descendant of the family. His death caused the city’s politics and economic’s meltdown (Time of Troubles). This condition even made people willingly believed that he was still alive and gave approval to several False Dmitrys who tried to take over the Muscovite throne.

Later, there was a small church of St. Demetrios on the Blood constructed on the spot where Dmitry was dead. Besides that, the palace, which used to be the prince’s home, was turned into a museum. Dmitry was also commemorated by making his image the town’s coat of arms.

  • Must-See Places in Uglich

You might wonder now how to stay happily in the gloomy legends Uglich, Russia. You can discover many beautiful attractions in Uglich which beautifully designed in amazing architecture styles. At the same time, you can also learn a little bit more about the city’s history.

  1. The Uglich Kremlin

The Uglich Kremlin is an ensemble of several buildings that form an architectural treasure. The ensemble that located on the high bank of Volga River consists of the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral, the Prince Dmitry church “on blood”, and the prince’s chambers. The year of 1815 was the time when the City Duma, the last addition to the site, was constructed.

  1. The Alekseevsky Monastery

This complex was founded at the end of the 14th century and one of the oldest in Russia. Although it was almost demolished altogether during the intervention of the Polish-Lithuanian in the early 17th century, the monastery is still standing tall until today. The first beautifully designed building you will find in The Alekseevsky Monastery is the elegant Uspenskaya Church with a refectory. There was nothing compared to the amazing build of this church that during the old-time, its nickname was The Divine.

If you want to enjoy the beautiful frescoes of the 19th century, you can pay a visit to the Church of St. John the Baptist. the interior is greatly maintained so you can feel the 19th-century atmosphere.

  1. The Legends of Uglich Museum

There are many things to find out during your well-spent time in this museum. Curious facts, entertaining stories, and funny but true stories will amuse you. It is true that since the purpose is to interest visitors, some of the stories told are fictional. But, worry not! You will also learn about documented truths, such as the story of the first appearance of the phone in Uglich, the 19th-century rules of choosing samovars at a local fair, and the origin of the popular phrase “roll the sausage along Spasskaya Street” which means “leave me alone”. What makes the whole experience more charming is the location of the museum which is an old merchant’s mansion. The location will bless you with a brief atmosphere of Uglich’s noble life during the 18th-19th century.

Now, we have learned a bit about the legendary Uglich. Let’s plan your vacation there soon!

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