Let’s Learn Russia by Visiting These Historical Places in Sevastopol 

Everywhere throughout the world, any place you look, you will always have the option to discover relics of the past in the recorded locales abandoned by previous civilisations. These, for the most part, UNESCO-certify destinations and vestiges guarantee to ship you and your travel partner back to some other time altogether. So, you can visit […]

8 Habits You Should Do When You Live in Russia

When you live in any country definitely you have to follow and respect the local culture. You have to know the habits of the local community. These should be followed respectfully. What country it is, you should do the habits you where live in. Here we talk about 8 habits you should do when you […]

The History of Russian National Flag

Russia has a national flag. The pattern of it is striped tetragon with arrangement of colors of white, blue and red. Before having a national flag, it has changed its flag several times in which at the end of the 17th century this flag is used for the first time. So, it has a long […]

9 Most Beautiful Mosques in Russia

Islam is the second biggest religion in Russia. About 20% Russian people are Muslims. Besides, there are about 5,000 registered Muslim organizations in Russia. With such number of Muslims, Russia is a home for around 8,000 mosques and 9 of which are considered as the most beautiful. Here are 9 most beautiful mosque in Russia. […]

10 Most Unique Mosques in Russia

Islam is the second professed religion in Russia. Thus, Russia has thousands mosques as places of worship for Moslem people. There are about 8,000 mosques in Russia. Three of them are in Moscow. In addition to have such plentiful of mosques, there are 10 most unique mosques in Russia. Those are: 1. Mosque that provides 24/7 […]

3 Famous Mosques in Moscow, Russia

Islam is the second largest religion in Russia. Russian people also consider it as a traditional religion. As Russia makes Islam as the second largest religion in the country, that explains why there are a lot of mosques in Russia. There are currently 8,000 mosques in Russia. There are 3 famous mosques in Moscow, Russia. Islam […]

6 Facts of Winter Palace and Russian revolution

No one can spare winter palace from ruin. We have previously informed that the palace received restoration. Thus, there surely be something that urges it. The urgency that urges government to restore winter palace does not come from the fact that it was already old. Nor the fact that it received some impacts of disasters. […]

9 Interesting Facts of Winter Palace in Russia

If you have not known it yet, Winter Palace is an integral part of Catherine Palace. Catherine Palace itself is located in the city of Pushkin, near Saint Petersburg, Rusia. The city once called as city as Tsarskoye Selo or the Tsars’ village. Introduction Peter the Great built Catherine palace for his wife in 1717. The […]

History of the Beautiful Catherine Palace

Catherine palace is in the town of Pushkin, near St. Petersburg. People once called the city as Tsarskoye Selo or the Tsars’ village. History of the beautiful Catherine Palace began when Peter the Great once created the city in 1703. He built it on a marshy river delta of all places available. At that time, […]

Get to Know of the Architecture of Catherine Palace

If you want to get to know of the architecture of Catherine Palace, this article suits you well. Catherine Palace has been a part of Russian beauty for many years. Most people know of its beauty and luxury. The name “Catherine” took after the name of the first empress of Russia, Catherine I. She was Peter […]