3 Interesting Places To Spend On Holiday In Sochi

Sochi is one of the cities in Russia which popular as Russia’s largest resort city. As a resort city, Sochi has tourism as the main component of its economy. As the largest resort city, Sochi has a pretty big population. According to the census, there is an increase from 2002 to 2010. In 2002, there are 328,809 people resided in Sochi while in 2010, the number increased to 343,334. The weather over there is also nice. Thanks to its being located in the Caucasian Riviera area, Sochi has a subtropical climate. It will be warm to hot during summers and mild cold during the winter.

As stated before, Sochi is a big resort city. There is no doubt that you can find many beautiful tourist destinations there. You can adjust your time to go on your vacation there with the weather. So then you can get the best time while you are spending your time in Sochi. Now we can tell that going to this Russia’s city is a great idea, let’s find out about the 3 interesting places to spend on holiday in Sochi.

Holiday In Sochi

  • Stalin’s Villa Dacha

Josef Stalin used to come to Sochi where there is a Matsesta bathhouse where he could treat his rheumatism. Whenever he came there, he would stay in a former local entrepreneur’s dacha. But later, he wanted to get his place so Stalin’s dacha is built near the bathhouse. The existence of Stalin’s Villa Dacha triggered the development of the surrounding area. The road there was very cleaned because of the regulation to clean it three times a day. Even the behavior was ruled strictly. Since the road was already clean, it was regulated that the cars riding across the road must be clean as well.

If you go to this dacha, you will find a very beautiful view. It is situated on a hill 50 metes above sea level. Not just the sea, the view of the Greater Caucasus mountain range is also a part of the mesmerizing panorama you will be surrounded by. To make it even greater, you will find the forest bordering the mountain. Can you imagine the sight and the fresh air you are going to enjoy during your time in Stalin’s Villa Dacha? 🙂 This is indeed one of the interesting places to spend on holiday in Sochi

  • Sochi Arboretum

This 49-hectare of subtropical flora and fauna collection is located in Sochi. The Sochi Arboretum has been existed since 1890 and never a dull place for its visitors. When you are coming to this botanical garden, there are many kinds of vegetations you are going to see. At the very least, there are 76 species of pine, 80 species of oak, and 24 species of palm. This whole collection of plants is accompanied by the spectacular view of the black sea. Moreover, the garden gets even more beautified by it is winding cobblestone walkways, and, as stated before, there is also flora in Sochi Arboretum. While you are strolling along with the garden, you will hear the amazing roaming voice of the birds, such as peacocks and ostriches.

This botanical garden indeed displays many natural beauties. But, besides those, you will also see many decorative statues and cooling fountains. These decorations are arranged around the old trees. When you want to enjoy even fresher air and love to go for a hike, you can take a journey up to the Arboretum. Hiking is not the only option. You can also take the cable car so you can get the scenic overview of the garden. The beauty scenes complemented with a wide range of collection and facilities are the reasons Sochi Arboretum is called “Italy in Sochi”.

  • Museum of History of the Resort City of Sochi

If you want to learn about Sochi’s history, visiting the Museum of History of the Resort City of Soch is the best way to get as much information as possible.  Once you get to the area of the museum, you will witness right away the style of its architectural design. The building was built with the 1930s’ neoclassical gilded style. Since its opening in 1936, this museum has been the home of almost 100 thousand historical and cultural exhibits.

Many of the exhibitions show the unique character of the heritage. One of those is the display of the black sea coast of the Caucasus and Sochi history that whos 4000 unique exhibits. This exhibition is emplaced in 14 rooms of the museum. Can you imagine how magnificent this must be? You can also learn about the development of Sochi as the resort city and, one of the tourists’ favorites, the display of Soyuz-9 spacecraft.

Now, we know 3 interesting places to spend on holiday in Sochi. Which one do you want to visit first?

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