St. Petersburg Summer Garden! Perfection And A Must

Summer is arguably the most-anticipated season for many Russians. After the long murky winter of Russia, it’s understandable if many long for the sun. Its warmth will melt the coldness away. Goodbye shivering, and here comes sun and fun. Summer is an important season. It’s no wonder that there are many festivals in Russia to […]

Russian Gardening Lifestyle You Can Adopt to Your Home

In Russia, gardening is a serious family matter. It is more than a hobby that one does in one’s spare time. The dacha which takes the role of a country house for Russians, also includes a garden where people grow their own food instead of decorative plants. Russians of various professions will go back to […]

9 Modern Entertainment That Russian Loves To See Today

Russia is rich in culture and traditions. It makes the country become an ideal place to hold some events. Moreover, those culture and traditions become local entertainment. There are so many culture and traditions to enjoy in Russia. Those usually involve some music and dance. These what absorb Russian people’s attention. Years have passed. Culture […]

5 Most Beautiful and Natural Garden in Russia

Saint Petersburg probably has many beautiful places. Some of those include beautiful natural garden. In addition to Saint Petersburg, Moscow has some of such places as well. If you have a chance to visit Russia, you probably want to see natural scenery in those cities. Or, if you are longing for enjoying such natural view, […]