The Greatest Opera and Ballet Performances During November; Must-Visited Moscow Now!

There are many ways that people do to enjoy their vacation time. Especially for those who really like art. During the holidays, they will certainly enjoy watching shows that are still related to art. In every country in the world, there are many types of art performances that you can enjoy during your vacation time. […]

Visiting These 5 Russian Ballet Theaters Will Give You Unforgettable Experience

Russian ballet is one of the best and most recognized companies of ballet in the whole wide world. It is more than just a performance but also the country’s pride and part of culture and history. Before 1689, Russia shut itself from the influence from the West under the order of the Tsarist. It was […]

5 Best Known Ballet In Russia You Should Know

Dance has been introduced for several centuries. But along with the times, the types of dance are increasingly increasing with their respective goals and stories. And the dance that is still preserved authenticity and is classic in nature is ballet. Who doesn’t know ballet? Ballet is a dance that is very famous in the world. […]

9 Modern Entertainment That Russian Loves To See Today

Russia is rich in culture and traditions. It makes the country become an ideal place to hold some events. Moreover, those culture and traditions become local entertainment. There are so many culture and traditions to enjoy in Russia. Those usually involve some music and dance. These what absorb Russian people’s attention. Years have passed. Culture […]

The History of Russian Ballet That Will Amaze You!

In Russia, Ballet carries the feel of its original Italian origin, yet still feels distinctly Russian. This art of rigid, storytelling dance has evolved into a highly appreciated form of art alongside theatre and circus, and it blends classicism and folk dancing into a beautiful assimilation that retains the beauty of both its original ‘parents’. […]