9 Modern Entertainment That Russian Loves To See Today

Russia is rich in culture and traditions. It makes the country become an ideal place to hold some events. Moreover, those culture and traditions become local entertainment. There are so many culture and traditions to enjoy in Russia. Those usually involve some music and dance. These what absorb Russian people’s attention.

Years have passed. Culture and traditions develops into new modern forms. This is to the growing demand of modern culture and tradition that suit the new year. This what happens in all over the world, including Russia. So, after several years, those traditions and culture come to accept the new form of modernization. Thus, it creates new forms of entertainment that Russian people love.

Here are 9 modern entertainment that Russian loves to see today.

1. The Nutcracker on Ice

The title is one of ballet compositions of the most famous Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. You may as well know about the story that is usually brought to the wide screen and opera. According to Barbie version, the story is about a girl finding a way, along with nutcracker soldier, to stop a curse that causes the country being deep in snow. Thus, the ballet follows the story when the country is covered in ice.

Although the composer has established the dance a long time ago, he recreated it to attract millennial. The brilliant ice skating moves show goes well with modern technology. Moreover, there are so many professional ice skaters wearing beautiful costumes to entertain the people. That will be an entertainment to remember.

2. Aerial and Acrobat

Although aerial and acrobat have long time been in Russia, as time passes, the moves are different. They move more confidently and they will take more risk and Russians love it. The show does not only show some acrobatic moves, but also elegance and beauty. Sensational performers can always make guests mesmerized after watching the show. One of them would perform on an LED freestanding hoop. Then, as she moves and spins, the light creates special visual effects that will make the audiences cannot forget the moment.

3. Contortionist

In any acrobat show, there must be a contortionist. S/he will make a move and lean her/ his body to form a shape that is hard to imitate. You may see it as beauty. However, it is actually more of strength and flexibility. Those breathtaking view becomes even more so with the combination of the right costume. Moreover, the performer will move and make shape according to the event of the show. The performer can imitate a snake and performs from inside of giant martini glass. Any moves s/he does will captivate the guests.

4. Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art

As you know that this just will be another common thing for Russian. You know that Russian love to go to museums and enjoy seeing arts. Thus, the existence of museum of contemporary art is just another thing that Russian will surely love to do.

The place is said to be the biggest in private museum of the industry in Russia. It is at 2, 29th Line, Vasilyevsky Island, Saint Petersburg. The admission fee is 500 rubles and additional 200 rubles for audio-guide. Apart from all of those common things, however, the museum provides facilities for disabled people.

5. New Ballet

Although ballet is already a thing in Russia, even they have their own ballet style, a new one can never be a mistake. The new ballet dance is new “Swan Lake.” It has new moves along with classical dance. There are also pantomime and drama. The ones that people will never speak about in ballet. Muscovites call it “plastic ballet.” Moreover, the theater is just small enough to make people see the moves easily.

6. Gogol Center

It is the most famous theater in Moscow. The fact is also due to its director Kirill Serebrennikov taking nonconformist position thus making the theater receiving so much political pressure. With its modern touch, it hosts so many music, dance performances and cutting-edge drama.

7. Kino & Teatr Angleterre

Another theater in Moscow is that the one which is inside Angleterre hotel. It is among famous theater in the city. What makes people love the place is that it presents movies with their original language. So, people can see it real and learn the movie by reading the subtitle rather than listening to people dubbing them. Moreover, the place has the program that runs different features everyday focusing on current art-house releases.

8. Cosmonaut

The place is another cinema in Moscow. Taking from Soviet-era cinema, the place turns into modern one. Peterburgers love to go there to enjoy concerts in medium size place. The place has already provide air condition which is highly necessary during summer. There are also some VIP lounge upstairs that makes people in it be able to see through the stage easily.

9. Modern Garden

Are you thinking what I am thinking? Yes. As every house is expected to have gardens and Soviet era teach them to have modern touch in their garden, they begin to think that the appearance of a garden should not be less that that of fashion. There should be beauty and modern. So, some of them would put underfloor heating pipes in apartment to make their floor free of snow. There are still some more modern touch they can think of.

Those are 9 modern entertainment that Russian loves to see today.

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