4 Best and Free Russian Dating Sites (Love is in the Air)

There are a lot of dating sites out there. Those are the best place for you to get your love if you don’t want to go offline. However, there are only few dating sites for Russian people. Besides, there are fewer sites that are personalized for Russians.

Actually, you can meet Russian people in any other sites that support your country. But, you may find some difficulties if you don’t speak English. But, we are here to help you find the best dating sites only for you. So, you don’t end up talking with those who don’t speak Russian.

Here are 4 best and free Russian dating sites (love is in the air). But, you should know as well about etiquette of dating Russian men.

1. Mamba.ru

This site probably will become one of your favorite dating sites. In addition to being only for Russian people, the site has over 23 million users. You must keep it in your mind that this site is not for you who don’t belong to Russian country. Because most of them are not interesting in travelling to another country, although you can speak their language.

Signing up to the site is so easy. You can use your Facebook, Google, or any other accounts in the site. Otherwise, you can fill in a very short form to start. After that, you should activate your account to start searching for partner. There are so many criteria of a partner that you can use. Moreover, the sites also allow those who are looking for partner for other reason than marriage. Those include traveling together, virtual conversations and sex. (Read: personal traits that Russian women hate from man.)

The sites allow you to send text messages and virtual gift. You can also try to answer or post a question in a forum. What’s interesting is that its unique feature. It is Travel Buddies Search. You can search through a list of trips that users will take. If you don’t find any trip you want to take, you can also post your own trip. So the engine will find a buddy for you.

2. RussianCupid.com

If you are looking for beauties in Moscow, there are more than 1,000 profiles in the site. You can also find many profiles of St. Petersburg beauties. Moreover, the site offers flexible communication, like video/ audio chat as well as text messaging. Another feature that ensure you chat with actual human is profile ID verification. (Also read: how to make Russian woman fall in love with you.)

Like any other dating sites, RussianCupid.com only requires new users to do simple steps to sign up. Moreover, you can also input the data of what your dream partner will look like. After that, you can directly search on your own or select ones among the site recommendation which is based on the data you input. So, make sure you put everything on your profile so the engine can find the best match for you. Those date include hobbies and interests, personality questions, and CupidTags, custom keywords to describe your personality and lifestyle.

3. Dating.ru

Created in 1999, the site already has 2.7 million users. Although the site is pretty basic, you can communicate with variety of features, like video/ audio chat as well as text messaging. What’s more, all of them are free. After you complete the registration and activate your account, you can already use the site. To continue, you have to fill in your profile form. One thing odd about filling the form is that you have to input the information of your car. (Don’t ask me why as I’m blank as you are.)

After that, you can go on searching your prospective partner. You can filter the category by gender, age range,  location, photo/video status and online status. If you upgrade to VIP membership, you can have more filters that include hobbies, family status, appearance, drinking/smoking/drug habits, financial situation, and sexual preferences. There are also friendship, group sex and fictitious marriage.

4. LovePlanet.ru

This will become the last from the list. If you cannot find your partner after signing up to the three above dating sites, you can still do it here. Created in 2005, the site has 18.5 million users which makes it worth trying. It is also the biggest dating site for Russian speakers, predominately with Peterburgers. But, you can still find some people from out of the country, like Ukraine and Belorussia. Moreover, whenever you are online you will see that there are 50,000 people around you. So, you won’t feel alone once you sign up.

The signing up process in like any other dating sites. After that, you need to activate your account using your phone number or your Facebook, VKontakte or Odnoklassniki account. After you’re done, your name will be available in search and you can talk and comment on photo of other users. You can also update your journal. About this journal, there is something interesting. You can write your journal while you are online and people can subscribe it. The content can be anything about your daily activities, not only about finding partner.

For communication, you can only send messages and like their photos. You can also use IM chat only when both of you are online. If you need friends to chat with, you can use Anonymous chat and join in, although it doesn’t help you finding partner.

That’s all about the 4 best and free Russian dating sites (love is in the air). You can also read things you must know about dating rules in Russia.

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