Russian Dressing Chicken: How to Make It for Dinner

You must be familiar with dishes with chicken ingredients, right? There may be many of you who make this chicken-based dishes as one of your favorite foods. What I am saying is true, right? As we know, there are many types of dishes that use chicken as the main ingredient of that dish. The way […]

Hot Tasty Russian Meals That You Should Taste!

Do you like food that is served hot? What kind of food do you like so much? Of course, there are many people who like to eat food that is served when it is still hot. Some even like hot and spicy food. For these people, eating hot foods can further increase their appetite. There […]

Tasty Russian Desserts and How to Make Them for Holiday

Many ways that we can do to enjoy the holiday. One way is to spend a holiday with the family at home. When celebrating the holiday at home, there will usually be a lot of dishes that were served. Starting from appetizers to desserts. Sometimes, there is a country that has desserts that are often […]

7 Dishes Served to Russian Student: School Lunch Documentary

The lunch menu in the school cafeteria is often a memory that comes to mind when we recall the school days. Do you still remember the lunch menu in your school cafeteria? What dishes are your favorite? Each country in the world has a typical school lunch menu. The lunch menu is usually changed every […]

Satay or Barbeque? Let’s Make Russian Shashlik

Dishes made from meat do indeed increase our appetite. There are many ways to cook the meat into a delicious dish, be it an appetizer or main course. In fact, even just use a little seasoning, the meat can also taste good. In all countries in the world have their own ways to cook meat […]

4 Juicy Russian Soup Only In Russia

Food is a topic that is always interesting to discuss. Delicious food will certainly make your heart happy.  Delicious food is the most sought after when you visit a country. Food is not just about taste. Every food also has a philosophy and history. Typical food in a country is different from other countries. This […]

7 Russian Dishes that Can be Made by Yourself

Do you like to cook? What type of cuisine is usually made by you? Are you interested in trying to make dishes from other countries? In each country in the world, there are many types of cuisines. From the easiest to the hardest to be cooked by ourselves. Similarly, the Russian dishes. To add to […]

8 Iconic Food to Eat in Russia on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the special days of the year. New lovebirds anticipate this occasion, while longtime couples view it as an opportunity to rekindle that love which is starting to wear off. It’s an exciting day full of flowers, chocolates, and romantic dinners. It’s also an occasion to spread your love to friends […]

9 Russian Dishes That Are Easy To Cook, Especially For Men

Foods are the most important thing live. We need food in order to do activities and the work of the organ. Some people can’t cook by themselves, especially a man. Cooking is somehow important skill we should at least know how to do, because it maybe a time when we need to cook ourselves. Just […]

8 Most popular Russian Christmas recipes that you can try

Russia is famous as a land of snow, which has extreme weather temperatures. Besides, it also has a long cultural history which is about over 1000 years. Before the Russian revolution of 1917 and the fall of the Romanov dynasty that had ruled the country for over 300 years, Russia was loyally Orthodox Christian country. […]