7 Cons Of Dating A Russian Woman Every Man Should Know

cons of dating russian womenIn the dating life, there are stereotypes and there is prejudice. However, then you are in love, nothing really matters. Some people also said that love is blind.

Maybe she is too good for you, or the other way around. Now, when it comes to dating a Russian woman, they have the most stereotype out of other women in the world. They are known to be very beautiful with the Caucasian beauty with fair skin and glowing hair and the conservative way of living that still portray even to describe the Russian woman in the 20th century.

There are Pros Of Dating A Russian Girl and also there are cons. While dating a girl from the country of Winter Wonderland, Your relationship is bound to be filled with beautiful memories, but there are also other things you need to be aware of when in a  relationship with a Russian woman.

  1. Remarkable Beauty

When people say “Beuty Is only A Skin Deep” it really apply to Russian skin, they have like the fairest skin that looks amazing al the time. This probably because of the natural atmosphere that makes the skin looks and feels healthy.

Russian women took time and energy to look flawless. Moreover, there are Traditional Beuty Secret Of Russian Woman that was passed on from generations to generations. There are beauty tips and trick to avoid aging.  Their idea of beauty is to look good that ultimately makes you feel good.

Dating a Russian woman means dressing up and put a lot of effort to look decent next to her. You certainly do not want to look unappealing as a boyfriend.

  1. Attentive

Dating a Russian girl is like winning a whole package. She can be anything to you, trusted advisor, cool friend, your best advisor, a chef, cruel critics and even as the nice doctor if you are sick. There are many Reasons That You Must Date Russian Girl and the most important reason is their versatility.

As a Russian woman think highly of themselves and try to be the best as she can be. As a partner, she also will think the world of you, the kindest,  the most talented, the strongest, and many other great traits. That even though you do not have, she will make you feel like you do.

if you think you can not handle a very exceptional girl that can do and be just about anything and would likely want you to be the perfect fit. Do not date Russian women.

  1. A Family Girl

It is a big deal when visiting a Russian woman family for dinner. As many relationships when things get serious would be. Thigs to be expected when visiting your girlfriend’s house are many food, drinks, and great conversation. The size of the Russian dinner table is huge and you eat just about anything. So, make sure to come in an empty stomach to make sure to eat comfortably.

The Russian Meal Time Etiquette and dinner table manners mean finishing up anything that you have in your plate. You are likely will eat soups, meat, soups with meat, and healthy salad, potatoes, and various cake for dessert. So the challenge for coming to any of Russian dining table is the ability to finish everything in your plate and impress the family. Then you either challenge you for a full bottle of beer or finishing the entire cake. Each family has a different tradition but whatever it might, you can be sure, it is going to be loud and a lot of fun. Unless if you are not a family man then dating a Russian would be so much harder. 

  1. Superwoman

Throughout time the story of Tsar and Empress that manages to describe how independent and powerful Russian woman. Even dated back to the 19th century where a woman stands behind the man and often forgotten.

They do not put their lives in the hand of their partner, even if they ever found their Prince Charming. The general idea for a Russian woman is to build up a career and getting a second degree. This idealism is supported by the many Surprising Facts of Education For Girls In Russia. Therefore, it is common to see a beautiful girl with a good head n her shoulder.

  1. Has High Hopes

As strong and independent women come high demand and expectations. They would set the bar high because let’s face it, they are worth it. They love a good romance and fall easily romantic stuff. Russian girls keep things very conservative and like the old fashioned gentleman kind of treatment. Little things such as bringing a flower, opening doors, helping with dishes, are just little things which are Effective Steps Of How To Date Russian Woman.

Unless, if you are not a gentleman. Well, there is no point on trying because your lack of attention just turns off any Russian girl interest. If you are a self-center person that does not care for your girlfriends let alone other people. It is definitely a trait that most women find ignorant, let alone a Russian.

  1. Serius And Conservative

Russians are not friendly people in the beginning. They will maintain a safe distance before opening up or even giving her heart. They often time will come across as cold or serious.  The changes will be noticeable if you spend a great deal of time with them and be attentive. Surely, in no time, they will return the favor and start falling the wall around them.

  1. The Chef Girlfriend

Russian women express their love for cooking as the best formula. So, get ready to be well pampered and possibly overfeed. Because Russian woman also watches their figure carefully so, most likely you are in charge of finishing everything in the plate. It is the only task that Russian woman demands their man able to live up to. You will never be hungry ever again, because even when you are sick. She will put on her best chef hat with her nurse hat and come up with the tastiest and healthy meal for her man.

If you are not up to getting full attention and loving girlfriend, then Russian girlfriend is not for you. Either way their any man out there that are thinking that a Russian girl can fall for them, need to watch out for this list closely. Because there is so much to think about before even starting making any move.

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