10 Personal Traits that Russian Woman Hate From Man (Must Avoid)

Sometimes when it comes to attracting people, we forget what we should do. Once we’re attracted to a beautiful lady, we forget what are the effective ways to get Russian girlfriend in a month. We’re drowned in love that we stop using our logic instead. This can be a huge mistake that you’re making while approaching a Russian woman. What you should focus on is sometimes not what things to do to make her fall for you, but what things you should avoid doing to prevent turning her off.

Knowing what are the personal traits that Russian women hate from men will help you a lot in getting your dream woman in no time. We can’t deny that in falling in love, we should love the other person fully, both their weaknesses and strengths. But somehow, it’s a lot harder to love someone who’s far from our ideal type. Loving someone’s weaknesses might be possible, but loving their personal traits that we actually hate is truly a different thing.

Personal Traits that Russian Woman Hate

If someone ask you what do you seek in man, it might be easier to answer. Tall, handsome, rich, loyal, and the long list goes on. But, if you’re asked what you hate from a man, you might need to think for a while before able to mention it, right? People somehow forget that the personal trait that the other person hate is a huge distractions that can ruin the whole relationship.

Want to know how to make a Russian woman fall in love with you? Fix that bad habits of your and check out whether these long list of traits is in you or not if you’re intending to win the heart of a Russian woman :

  1. Miserliness

In Russia, man pays for woman. A true gentleman wouldn’t be so stingy to her woman. Asking for the receipts and want his money back after the woman shop somewhere with his money, prohibit her to buy something she wants are surely annoying, and can be a great turn off. As a man, the proper thing to do is of course to treat the woman well, and provide the financial needs. He should be a generous person, that’s what a Russian woman expect in a man. So, if you have quite high level of miserliness, make sure you be more generous at least when it comes to your Russian woman, the one that you love and cherish.

  1. Uncertain

Russian woman loves man who have a plan for the future, a dream to reach, and a goal to achieve. A man who don’t know where he’s heading to, what he’s doing, and why is he doing that would be in the blacklist as for Russian woman. In the future, man will be the head of the household, so it’s necessary for them to know about their future well. A man should be determined enough instead of being uncertain with what’s coming.

  1. Boastful

Although a woman loves man who pays for her in a gentleman way, woman hates it the most when a man is being too boastful. A man shouldn’t be bragging all the way about how much money he has, how high is his position at work, or anything that they can brag about. A low-profile person would attract Russian woman more. However, being boastful will not only push your woman away from you but also all your friends and colleagues would probably be irritated by you as it is also the most hated things for Russian people.

  1. Overly jealous

Watching a man being jealous in a cute way is surely pleasing, but having a man who is overly jealous isn’t a good idea. At least, that’s what Russian woman thinks. Russian woman wouldn’t like a man who locks her in a tower as if she’s Rapunzel and not allowing her to have her own freedom. A man who’s way too suspicious and curious of where she’s going, what she’s doing and with who is she doing that would probably be out of her potential boyfriend list forever. This doesn’t mean that she loves a man who doesn’t  care about what’s she doing, but somehow something that’s ‘over’ and ‘too’ never bring out great result.

  1. Too serious

A man should know what he’s doing, having a clear plan and work hard. However, that doesn’t mean that man should be too serious and can’t relax. Russian woman loves  a man who knows how and when to relax and enjoying life or working hard. Why? This man can spend great time relaxing with her and not talking about work or business all the time. This man can also support and spoil her girl when she’s depressed or down, instead of being the one who always need to be entertained and comforted.

  1. Has no opinion

Has no opinion, is one of the personal traits that Russian woman hate from man. Russian woman doesn’t find a man who has no opinion attracting, yet it’s more similar to the traits of weak man. A man should be able to speak his mind out instead of hiding inside a nutshell and not saying anything. Of course, he shouldn’t be pushy and forcing his opinion on her, but he should has one, shouldn’t he? However, talking about opinions that vary from one and another can be interesting if both know how to handle themselves in a proper way.

  1. Unaffectionate

In a relationship, affection is something essential. Affection can pulls both together, even after a fight or any hardships. Affection is that one thing that can sweeten the relationship and make partner last longer. However, if a man only want to accept affection and unable to give sufficient amound of affection to her woman, then it is less likely for a Russian woman to fall for.

  1. Rude

Although nowadays cursing and saying bad words might seem like a trend, Russian woman tends to like man who has good manner more than rude man. If you’re a man who is more used to act all rude even to woman, then it’s time to quit being rude. A man should be gentle and not mannerless. Are you attracted by the charming appearance of Russian girls and want to make her yours? Quit being rude come first.

  1. Untidy

Man tends to have messier room, but should never have a messy look. Russian woman loves man who are able to present themselves in a tidy, well-groomed way. This will attract them way better. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be tidy enough. Not just the way you dress,  but also the way you take care of yourself, getting proper haircut, anything that can improve the way you look.

  1. Has no initiative

Russian woman prefers man who is making the first move, as how it’s usually be. This man should have initiative and not being all slow, waiting for the others to do something. A man who has no initiative is unattractive and weak for Russian woman. Make sure to practice and make your moves, if you want to win her heart. You can also try looking for pick-up lines to approach girl in Russian.

There are tons more of personal traits that Russian woman hate from man, but those mentioned above are the most important one. Way before you find out how to win her heart, this is the important step you need to take. Make sure you’re not one of them, if you want to get your woman in your arms.

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