8 Iconic Food to Eat in Russia on Valentine’s Day

russian foodValentine’s Day is one of the special days of the year. New lovebirds anticipate this occasion, while longtime couples view it as an opportunity to rekindle that love which is starting to wear off. It’s an exciting day full of flowers, chocolates, and romantic dinners. It’s also an occasion to spread your love to friends and family, not limited to romantic partners only.

Like the rest of the world, many Russians celebrate Valentine’s Day. They do what any of us would do when Valentine’s Day is approaching. They go for a date, buying a gift, and giving flowers. Lucky for them, their country is blessed with romantic spots for a date location. Check out some places to have a memorable date in Moscow.

Russians’ luck doesn’t stop at locations only. Their food also makes a great menu choice during Valentine’s day dinner. Regardless you’re looking for the main course or dessert, there’s always an inspiration. If you’re planning to bring your girlfriend or boyfriend to a Russian restaurant or impressing a Russian boyfriend/girlfriend, you’ll know what to order.

1. Russian chocolate

There’s no other food representing Valentine’s day than chocolates. Russian is no Belgium when it comes to popularity, but their chocolates have charms on their own. You would instantly sense a nostalgic feeling upon laying your eyes on an Alenka bar. Their vintage packaging is seemingly unfazed by the change of era, maintaining their Soviet-era design.

Russian chocolates make a great Valentine’s gift. It’s quirky, unusual, have cute packaging, and not to mention, super-delicious. Buy plenty and enjoy it together with your loved ones. Even if you’re single, buy yourself this heavenly sweet treats and spend the valentine’s day happy! It’s no secret that chocolate contains nutrients that will help you deal with your feeling of loneliness.

2. Russian ice cream

When talking about Russian ice cream, almost every Russian would recommend that legendary ice cream booth at GUM department store. GUM shopping mall is conveniently located in Red Square. It occupies a historical building as remarkable as its neighbor, Kremlin, and St. Basic Cathredal.

The Russian ice cream itself is iconic. It has a distinct taste hardly found anywhere else in the world. All thanks to strict guidelines dated back to the Soviet times. The guidelines require manufacturers to put no preservatives in their ingredients, which makes Russian ice cream healthier. Grab a scoop or two to accompany your Red Square-themed Valentine date.

3. Caviar

When it comes to luxurious Russian food, nothing beats caviar. For centuries, caviar has been a symbol of finery, only eaten by those who can afford its high price. Russian people have put high importance in this salted fish eggs delicacy that it becomes such an iconic food. It’s also one of the important commodities in the Russian food industry.

You probably won’t go such length to eat caviar every day. However, you can make an exception on Valentine’s Day. After all, it’s indeed a special day. Spending a little bit more than usual to get the best caviar in town will be worth it if you and your date enjoying this special dinner.

4. Beef stroganoff

Another Russian dish to eat as a main course is beef stroganoff. As indicated by its name, beef stroganoff is a dish made from beef. Beef is cooked with mushrooms, which are abundant in Russia’s forests. It is sautéed with delicious sauce and usually is served on top of pasta. Beef stroganoff is not only an iconic food to eat in Russia on valentine’s day during a dinner date, but you can also cook them yourself since it’s easy and there is plenty of variation for the recipe.

5. Blini

The Russian crepe blini is probably your safe bet if you don’t know what to order in a Russian restaurant. The versatile food can be a good choice either it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner time. You can have all kind of toppings and fillings too. You can eat it with sweet stuff such as ice cream, syrup, or fruits. You can turn it as a main course by eating it with beef or chicken – or even with the Russian dumpling pelmeni.

6. Olivier Salad

It’s widely known that Russian food is not friendly toward your waistline. If gaining weight is your fear, opt for the healthiest food on the bunch, Olivier salad. Although totally covered with mayonnaise on top, underneath there are dices of potatoes, vegetables, and fruits. It’s not exactly a dish a dietician would recommend. However, it’s better than nothing.

7. Kvass

Chugging a glassful of vodka is not a good idea for Valentine’s dinner, no matter how iconic this beverage is. Instead, order a glass of its calmer yet not-less-tasty little sibling, Kvass. The Russian beer has a low of alcohol content that even children are allowed to drink it. Although the taste takes some times to get used to, Kvass makes a body-warming drink during a winter date.

8. Borscht Soup

Although Russians and Ukrainians would go for a fiery argument on where this soup is actually originated, we’ve decided this food is among the list of iconic Russian food. Happiness, as well as good food, is better when shared. This works for borscht soup too. On Valentine’s Day, let’s set aside all the differences and just eat this delicious soup.

Borscht Soup is made from beef, sautéed vegetables and beetroot (sometimes fermented). Like beef stroganoff, there are plenty of variations for this recipe. Like beef stroganoff too, you’ll get a taste of that distinct Russian sour cream. This soup makes a nice appetizer for your Valentine’s dinner.

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