5 Top Russian Dating Sites and Find Your Love

Are you looking for the right partner to spend your with with? Do you find it difficult to find the perfect one? Well, why don’t you try to use dating sites that Russia has? There are many Russian dating sites that you can use to find your love. You can select from the available bio and decide which one to date although you may fall with a wrong one.

Moreover, all of those bios have photos that may be fake. But, it is worth to try, right? How much longer time can you hold without a partner while your time is ticking?

Here are 5 top Russian dating sites and find your love. You may also want to know when a Russian man attracted in you.

1. Mamba.ru

Mamba.ru is the most popular dating sites in the world. There are 32 million users from over 50 countries in the world. Created in 2003, the site suddenly became a hit. You can sign up or log in using your account connected to Facebook, Google+, VK, Yandex or others.

After signing up, you can set some criteria that you want to meet, including inputting your gender. Those criteria are gender, age and country of origin of those you want to meet. You can also include other criteria, like family and relationship, personal description, financial status and habits.

In addition to creating the website, a team that includes CEO Andrew Bronetsky and Head of Mobile Production Vitaly Borisow created several mobile apps that available for Android and iPhones. Those apps are Mamba, Wamba, Teamo and Tourbar.

2. RussianCupid.com

With over 1.5 millions members, who will ditch this website? It has a huge database with so many beauties and guys you can meet. You can just sign up and create your own ad for free. Moreover, it provides so many helpful features for you to help attract other members from all over the world. Amazing, right?

Those features include flexible messaging, communication via e-mail, videos or voice chats, registration in just three easy steps and it is available in the PlayStore. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your phone and download the app. Also read: ideal qualities of man that Russian woman looking for.

If you are not sure yet, you must know that the website can guarantee your personal identity is safe with them. You can reveal it yourself to someone you like whenever your are ready. However, all information that you put in your personal ad remains visible to everyone. So, make sure you don’t input your personal identity you don’t want the world to know. Furthermore, you can also control what kind of people you want to interact with. You can create your own criteria of people who can interact with you. You can go as wide as possible or go as narrow as possible.

3. CharmDate.com

Among other dating sites, CharmDate.com is the oldest website which is still available. Established in 1998, it has reached millions users around the world, including Asia Pacific and North and South America. You can use this platform to find your life partner as it aims to provide the best service. Moreover, it also uses GoDaddy and McAfee services to protect its fraud-prevention system and online-purchasing system.

The website provides various features to help users, such as specialized online support, anti-scam threat protection, policy to protect clients’ personal information and excellent communication features. Some of those communication features are EMF Mail, Live Chat, CamShare, Call, Video, Gifts and more. You can choose which one is the best for you. If you don’t want to use it with you PC, the service is also available for your Android under the name of Qpid Network. So, what are you waiting for? Go check it out.

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4. Fotostrana.ru

When you want to use a dating site that not only providing huge range of users but also some entertainment, consider fotostrana.ru. Operating since 2008, it already has 55 millions users. Moreover, it also reaches up to 1 million unregistered users.

It has several unique services that include “Best Couple,” “Face from the cover” and “Photo Contest.” Those services can help you get acquainted with any person. Besides, extravagant gift on some of the users’ page will draw your attention. To entertain you, the site allows you to read, play and pass tests to meet a certain person.

Signing up is simple, you only need to input your gender, name, birth date, e-mail and that’s it. Just click the “Create Profile” button and you are there. Or you can also sign in using your account connected to Facebook, Google+, VK, Yandex or Classmates. You may also want to know about etiquette of dating Russian women.

5. Badoo.com

With up to 300 thousand people registering everyday, you probably want to give this site a try. With such daily additional profiles everyday, the site has already had over 394 millions user from over the world. Moreover, the number gives you a lot of chance to find your soulmates, right? Besides, the site provides over 40 languages of choice to help you using the site and communicating. So, go ahead and maybe you will find your language on the list as well.

To sign in, you just need to use your Facebook account or another account, like MSN, Yandex, VK, Classmates and Mail.ru. The site promises that they will not post anything on your page. You can also create a new profile by providing your info, like name, birth date, location consisting of city and country, e-mail and password. That way you will be able to meet those millions of people around the world and find your love.

Those are 5 top Russian dating sites and find your love. You may also want to know about dating rules in Russia.

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