8 Russian Personalized Gifts For A Lovely Valentine’s Day

Russian personalized giftsValentine’s day is getting closer. Have you prepared a sweet surprise for your loved ones? The day of love is an opportunity for us to do something special. Well, actually love can be expressed all the time throughout the year. But hey, people do need a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day. We all need a reason to celebrate something.

Giving gifts is one of Valentine’s day tradition. From chocolate to dinner, you can get as creative as possible to present the best gift for your partner. Sometimes, gift-shopping can be dreading. Sometimes you just don’t know what to buy as a gift. If you’re here to look for inspiration, then you’ve come to the right place.

A Russian-themed gift is certainly unique for your Valentine’s Day. It will make an unforgettable impression for your loved ones. Especially if you curate the gift in line with your partner’s interest. Here, we’ve prepared a list of 8 Russian personalized gifts for a lovely valentine’s day.

1. Russian chocolate

Chocolate is the most popular gift on Valentine’s Day along with flowers. However, add a twist to this classic gift by giving your loved one Russian chocolate. Not only that they are tasty, but Russian chocolate also stands out with their vintage Soviet-era packaging. Their classic packaging is timeless, your date will certainly be awed with the striking difference with regular chocolate bar.

As for the brands, go for Alenka, a brand that has been established since 1965. You can easily find this chocolate at any Russian store because the packaging is easy to find. Just search for a chocolate bar with a painting of blue-eyed baby as its packaging. An interesting fact, rumor has it that the baby is a portrait of Stalin’s daughter, Svetlana Alliluyeva.

2. A trip to Russia’s best landmarks

If you and your date are adventurous people, there is no better gift than an exciting journey. Explore nooks and crannies of Russian landmarks on your Valentine’s Day. In Moscow, Red Square can be a romantic spot to have a date. Marvel on the candy castle St. Basil Cathedral and Kremlin. After, treat each other some ice cream at GUM legendary ice cream shop.

Outside the big city, you can make a planned trans-Siberian journey with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Stop by at Lake Baikal and enjoy some special moment there. Reminisce and be grateful for each other’s company. It will be just you, your loved one, and nature. The trip will sure make an unforgettable experience for you both.

3. Russian scarf – Orenburg Shawls

The elegant Orenburg Shawls is a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. There’s a luxury and timeless beauty about these garments. Orenburg shawl is a symbol of love and affection, there’s certainly no better romantic gift than this. Any lady would love to wrap herself in this lovely piece of woolen lace.

You can buy these fine garments at any souvenir shops in Russia. The most common color is white or grey. It’s also a traditional and elegant color. But if your girlfriend likes other colors, you can search for colorful shawls, albeit the price can be more expensive. The price of a good quality Orenburg Shawls usually starts from USD 100.

4. Cosmetics and personal care

Cosmetic product can be a suitable gift for Valentine’s Day. It’s more beneficial. If chocolate makes people gain weight and flowers last only a couple of days, beauty products is definitely a more useful gift. Give your partner a set of soap, shampoo, bath salt, body lotion, and other beauty care products. They will surely be delighted.

Your partner will appreciate it more if you gift them products from organic brands. Organic products are safer, healthier, natural, and not harming skin and environment. They will make a thoughtful and conscious gift. Fortunately, Russian is no stranger with organic brands. They have popular reputable organic brands for beauty care such as Natura Siberica and White Agafia. Also great news, the price is very affordable.

5. Vodka

Vodka may be the most unromantic gift for Valentine. Getting drunk is definitely not your plan on your Valentine date. However, if your partner has a certain interest for good quality liquor, you can consider Vodka for a gift. Pick a high-quality brand such as Absolute Vodka. You both do not have to drink it immediately, you can save it for a less romantic date later.

6. Dining experience

If you and your partner is an absolute foodie, consider going to the best eating spots in town. From a luxurious breakfast at Metropole to the food court at Arbat Street, you can plan your culinary adventure according to your taste and budget. Moscow has plenty of restaurants and food scene worth to explore. St. Petersburg is no exception. Check out these popular restaurants visited by tourists in St. Petersburg as a guide.

7. Tickets to a ballet performance

Art lovers can opt for a magical night enjoying a Russian ballet performance. Reserve seats at Mariinsky Theater for you and your partner.  Prepare to watch the exquisite dance performance such as classic masterpiece Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker. Be amazed as the talented dancers and musicians provide you with a high quality of entertainment one can’t easily forget.

8. Russian books

If your loved one is a bookworm, Valentine’s Day will be a perfect occasion for you to give them a book. Consider Russian literature for a gift. You can buy classics such as Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina or Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment. If you want to amp up your gift, give them the Russian edition (in the Russian language!).

You can also consider having a literature-themed date. Arrange a date in a restaurant with a nice book scene. Cafe Pushkin is a restaurant in Moscow with a classic library as its interior. If your partner loves books so much, he/she will be delighted to have dinner here. Also, check out several other book cafes if Cafe Pushkin is way above your budget.

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