8 Ideal Qualities of Man that Russian Woman Looking For (Top Secret)

Who wouldn’t love to capture a Russian woman’s heart and have her in your arms forever? Well, the idea of being loved by Russian woman does excite men in the worlds and make them dream for that. But, however, did you know that in order to get a woman you’ll need to at least match with some standard or ideal types that woman have? The same thing works for these women that come from the biggest country on earth. There are ideal qualities of man that Russian woman looking for that you might need to know far before you do any effort to win their heart.

Of course, ideal qualities doesn’t apply the same way as the ideal qualities of employment that people usually printed out on a vacancy. That’s quite a good news for you, since that would definitely put you guys in the hard position. However, somehow you need to fulfill few of them to become their potential husband list. You got to prepare yourself, gentleman, but before you figure out how to make a Russian woman fall in love with you, make sure you know well the basic standard qualities that Russian woman looking for in a man.

Ideal Qualities of Man

There’s no single person in this world who would want to have a partner who has all of the bad characters and negative sides. Moreover, what almost every woman and every parents in the world want is to get a decent guy who has basic qualities needed. Here, they have the long list of ideal qualities of man that Russian woman looking for that you might also be looking for :

  1. Loyal

Every normal woman, be it within Russia or outside of Russia would definitely love to have a guy who is loyal to her. But, somehow, this trait is something that would really turn a Russian woman on. When someone’s willing to stick to her through sadness and happiness, rich and poor, ups and downs, then she’s ready to give all her heart to you. This qualities in man will truly melt her heart away, putting her up in the sky.

Loyal here also mean that this man wouldn’t betray you in any way, or in another word, cheat. Even if it’s not as far as having affairs, loyal man shouldn’t even let the thought of another woman slip through his mind when he has already got himself a woman. Without her telling him off or putting an eye on him every night and day, this guy would be loyal on his own, it’s as if it comes out naturally. Succeed in doing ways of how to make a Russian girl fall in love with you in a week is possible, but at least you should have what it takes to meet the ideal qualities.

  1. Accept and adore her the way she is

Russian woman loves this man who would say,’ I don’t know’ if someone ever ask him why does he like his girlfriend. If a man can accept a woman without any terms or condition, then she’s more likely to fall in love. She needs someone who would say, ‘ You are beautiful just the way you are’, rather than keep complaining her for her looks, her weight, etc. This gentleman would be the one who admire her traits, both the negative and positive one without complaining, but do give her advices in a proper way whenever she’s over her line. He wouldn’t mind if she’s not winning any medals or getting any promotion at work, he would still admire her and support her so that her motivation will stay on fire.

  1. Mature

It’s said that Russian woman would mainly prefer a man who is older than her. The most dominant reason for this is that she seeks for maturity. Maturity doesn’t actually depends on age, but it would be easier for her to find that trait within someone who is older. So, if you’re younger than your crush who is a Russian woman and you know what are the pros of having Russian wife, you shouldn’t worry much, as long as you’re a mature person. She likes someone who has future, who knows what he’s doing and what will he achieve in the future. A guy who know what his dreams are and work hard to achieve it, that kind of guy is what they’re seeking for. A mature guy would also be able to stay calm and solve a problem that come in the relationship with care, instead of being childish or selfish.

  1. Know how to present himself

It’s not true that Russian woman would love guy who is acting feminine by spend hours in the mirrors, getting worried over a small pimple that popped on his face, and so on. A guy should stay as a guy, but she would love it more if he knows how to present himself. It would be best if he’s good looking, but what’s important is that he’s capable of dressing properly, but not overly. A man should not dress himself with such messy clothes, but he should know where, when, and how to use his clothes. He shouldn’t be someone who never care about washing his hair, but it shouldn’t be a guy who spends more time just choosing a shampoo than her.

  1. Generous

Penurious man? Well, that just doesn’t seem to be found within the ideal qualities of man that Russian woman looking for. She likes that one man who is a real man. Of course she wouldn’t like someone who’ll count every money she spend and expect her to pay it back to him. At least, that man should be mature and wise to manage his financial. He should be that one person who’s taking responsibilities, who pays for her everytime needed since that’s also the etiquette of dating Russian women.

  1. Polite

Russian woman likes a guy who is a realist, but don’t forget about this one trait. A man who has no manner is more likely to get out of her heart. She would love to have someone who know how to behave, be it in front of his colleagues, his family, her family, whoever. This guy should know how to address himself and talk with older people in a proper way. He should know what are the effective ways to greet Russian women. More especially, he should be able to communicate politely with her while still being straightforward with what he meant. Manners matters.

  1. Respectful

It’s true that most man seeks respect, including from the woman he loves. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re allowed to being not respectful to her. She adores and values her country’s culture and heritage, so you shouldn’t be reckless here. Make sure you didn’t insult her country and her country’s culture, especially if you’re foreigners and not a native there. She should respect you too, but that requires the same effort from you first. You’re allowed to get her to know more about your country, but you can always do that slowly by explaining to her.

  1. Don’t bring up her past

Knowing the past of your Russian woman might not be a sin, but if it’s not that necessary, then you shouldn’t dig up her past. What you should be focusing on is the present and the future instead of the past. You definitely shouldn’t press her and force her to tell you everything about her past if you want her to like you and adore you. However, the past is there to teach us a lesson and turn us to a better person, right?

Falling in love is something that happen without any plans. It can occurs anywhere, anytime, any person. But somehow you shoudldn’t forget that there are basic qualities that are necessary. Ideal qualities of man that Russian woman looking for isn’t something to take lightly, especially if you’re making a move on a Russian woman right now. If you’re a foreigner, then knowing her culture and point of view is very important to lead to a healthy relationship you’ve been dreaming for.

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