Rosebud Eggs for Your Easter Gifts

Easter is a religious day awaited by the people who celebrate it. Many people will decorate, make or buy something to give to their loved ones as a gift or just make it a decoration of the room. The gifts given also varied. The most common gifts were made by people is a decorated egg. […]

4 Kinds of Russian Handicrafts for Your Special Ones

Birthdays, holidays, other special occasions, and “just because” moments are usually served as momentum to give a present to someone you deem special. There is just something very endearing as well as meaningful about a present that you took the time to consider and buy. It becomes all the more special when the present is […]

You May Not Give These Gifts to Russian People

Gift giving is an important part of life in Russia, because it is considered bad form to arrive empty-handed in any social event. Aside of personal occasion such as dinner, birthday, and wedding; there are also several national celebrations that require gift exchange, such as the New Year holiday and the International Woman’s Day. However, […]

What Makes Skincare and Make Up Become Such Forbidden Gifts by Russian?

In many countries across the world, skincare and make up have become natural parts of modern gifting culture. It is considered normal to present skincare packages, make up palettes, or separate cosmetic items for birthdays, Christmas, and other festive occasions between friends, colleagues, and relatives. However, if you are trying to gift such cosmetic products […]

What Makes Russian Floral Box as the One of the Best Russian Gifts?

Are you confused about the gift you want to give someone? Especially if you give it to your friends or relatives in Russia. You will certainly look for the best gift to give, right? If you are visiting Russia, there are many choices of souvenir from there that you can make as a gift. For […]

8 The Greatest Russian Gifts for Your Special Partners

If we talk about gifts, it will be very pleasant to receive it, right? Especially when we receive the gift from our special partner. Everyone around the world has their own taste when they want to give a gift to their special partner. That’s because those people know their partners well. Even each country has […]

8 Russian Personalized Gifts For A Lovely Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is getting closer. Have you prepared a sweet surprise for your loved ones? The day of love is an opportunity for us to do something special. Well, actually love can be expressed all the time throughout the year. But hey, people do need a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day. We all need […]