5 Popular Cities in Russia to Meet and Date Singles; Find Your Soulmate Here!

Russia is becoming more and more lonely: in Ivanovo there are already 5 men for 10 women. We will take a look at cities in Russia where there are most single men and women and where single people are most actively looking for a couple. The census data for the 50 largest regions of the […]

7 Cons Of Dating A Russian Woman Every Man Should Know

In the dating life, there are stereotypes and there is prejudice. However, then you are in love, nothing really matters. Some people also said that love is blind. Maybe she is too good for you, or the other way around. Now, when it comes to dating a Russian woman, they have the most stereotype out […]

For All Gentleman Out There! Here Are 7 Pros Of Dating A Russian Girl

Russian girls are so irresistible, that there are no reasons for dating one. The Charming Appearance of Russian Girls makes them appealing. They portray a great amount of grace even without having to try hard. One reality check that even if are lucky enough to be able to hang out with Russian girls, they are fearless, independent […]

10 Tips for A Memorable Date With Your Russian Boyfriend on Valentine’s Day

How would you describe a perfect Valentine’s date with a Russian boyfriend? This is probably what you have in mind: You and your date having a great time, the place is perfect, the atmosphere is amazing, you both share an amazing moment, and there’s a great vibe between you. Well, a memorable date is not […]

4 Best and Free Russian Dating Sites (Love is in the Air)

There are a lot of dating sites out there. Those are the best place for you to get your love if you don’t want to go offline. However, there are only few dating sites for Russian people. Besides, there are fewer sites that are personalized for Russians. Actually, you can meet Russian people in any […]

5 Top Russian Dating Sites and Find Your Love

Are you looking for the right partner to spend your with with? Do you find it difficult to find the perfect one? Well, why don’t you try to use dating sites that Russia has? There are many Russian dating sites that you can use to find your love. You can select from the available bio […]

10 Unexpected Things that Russian Man Seek In A Love Relationship

Relationship is something that requires the effort of two people, and not one. That’s perhaps something that most of you have known already. Even if sometimes you see it as something that happens out of love, well, it’s true, but that’s not all it takes. If a relationship only rely on love and never bother […]