5 etiquette of dating Russian women

Russian women are different from the American women we’ve known and seen in movies. In this competitive modern world, most women are focusing on their career and having a professional job, rather than having the traditional mindset of staying at home, be a traditional housewife, etc.

Even in modern times, Russian women are raised to be more family oriented than most girls in general. While on one hand, Russian women are known for their beauty, smart, grace, and caring appeal (which men find irresistible), on the other hand, the general rules for dating Russian women can be complex and confusing for those who are not familiar with the Russian culture. That’s why, this article will expand on the general etiquette of dating Russian women.

Below are the 5 etiquette of dating Russian women:

1. Act like a gentleman

“A gentleman does not do what he wants to do, but do what he should do”. In other words, the man in the relationship would give more concern and attention to his Russian lady. The general etiquette when dating a Russian woman is to be a gentleman to her. When a man pays proper care towards his girl, the little things such as helping her to open the door, helping her in getting out of the car, offering your arm when you walk together with her, etc, will melt and win her attention and heart. Russian women have always been taught to be a proper lady led by the men. Meanwhile, Russian men have been taught to treat girls like a queen. As such, even in a relationship, this etiquette is still to be expected.

2. Giving her presents

No one will feel more pleased than a Russian girl who received a gift from their man. Offering a present during the date will show the gentle side of yourself. This is also a delicately meaningful thing to do, showcasing that you are interested in her. The purpose of giving a present or gift to your partner is to show your attention and love. Therefore, if you want to show your feelings and interests towards your Russian girlfriend, you should prepare a gift for every dates and occasion. What counts is not the gift itself, but the thought and effort that comes along with it. But it will be even better if you knew her interests and what she likes and dislikes and gift her accordingly. This will show that you paid attention to her words and are truly interested in her.

3. Pay more attention in dress up

Russian women pay serious attention to their looks and put in a lot of effort to their physical appearance in order to look more attractive and gorgeous. Related to the article How to Make A Russian Man Fall In Love With You and other relationship and cultural articles,  you will realize that Russian people actually give a serious attention and consideration to their appearance and clothes since it will be what makes the first impression towards their crushes. After all, first impression matters and lasts. This does not necessarily mean that you must own high-fashion and branded expensive clothing. However, a well dressed man, cleanly shaven, and neat is what women sought for. Even far into the relationship, maintaining your appearance is expected. In return, Russian women themselves will maintain their beauty and put forth effort in their looks as well.

4. Men leads and pays

The general scenario is, (in other countries) a man and a woman is having a dinner in a restaurant or cafe. It is generally expected that the bill will be split equally or paid in respective to how much one ate. However, in Russian culture, men are to be the one who pays for the whole date. Not just the date, men are expected to be the one who leads the whole date, from arranging to deciding the plan from bottom to top. Russian women are to follow whatever decision is taken. This will continue forth even in the relationship where men will lead and their lady will agree.

5. Be the one who initiates (make the first move)

Traditional gender roles play a major key in having a relationship with a Russian women. These roles are considered even during the pursuing and early stages. This happens even after the relationship has further progressed. If things are to be taken to the next level, men are to be the one who initiates the changes. Russian women may speak clearly about what they want and wish from the relationship. They will also speak up if there are anything that they will disagree with. However, any action regarding the relationship is to be taken by the men, not the women.

Those are the 5 etiquette of dating Russian women. In general, the etiquette and way to attract Russian women must be continued even after a relationship has been establish between the two of you. Hopefully, this article has given you a sense of the etiquette for relationship with a Russian woman. Related articles regarding dating and Russian women are: How to Make A Russian Woman Fall In Love With YouEffective Ways to Greet Russian WomenReasons That You Must Date Russian Girl, and Effective Steps of How to Date Russian Women.

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