5 Tips to Go to Lake Baikal on Winter Season; What Should be Prepared? 

Lake Baikal is not just one of the oldest, most profound, and biggest lakes on the planet. It is without a doubt Siberia’s most stunning natural landmark. It contains 1/fifth of the world’s stock of freshwater and is home to a plenitude of widely varied vegetation, numerous remarkable to the locale including the well-known Omul […]

9 Things That Should be Prepared When You Go to Astrakhan 

Astrakhan sits with legs on each side of the Volga north of the Caspian Sea and is Russia’s face on the multinational waterway. The city reflects a significant part of the district’s cultural and religious variety. There are huge networks of Kazakhs and Azeris, just as Islamic Tatars. While numerous guests use Astrakhan for the most […]

Can We Visit Suzdal in a Limited Time?

Travelling through Russia will take a lifetime to see all of its beauty and cities. To keep things short. There are so many ways to see so much in so little time. You can take the Trans Siberian train and enjoy the scenery or go on a trip through the Russian Must Know For Travelers The […]

5 Places in Russia With Dangerous Reputations That You Can Visit Safely

Before you travel far, especially to foreign countries you are not familiar with, it is always wise to learn about the facts of and customs applied in them. It should not be a hard thing to do, thanks to the internet. You can visit traveler forums and ask around about the country you plan to […]

5 Unsafe Locations for Tourists to Live in Russia

You have probably seen movies like Turistas, Hostel, Wrong Turn and the similar ones. Movies about how a dream vacation can turn into a life-threatening terror. Of course these films are merely works of fiction, but that doesn’t mean they can’t happen in real life. Traveling has become more and more convenient these days, although […]

9 Must-Have Items That Russian People Bring For Travelling

It is either your first trip or your time to turn into seasoned globetrotter. And if you find yourselves stumble upon this article, the chance is you are in dire need of some rundown of what must-have items you may need to pack and you believe that somehow Russian people have this tendency to be […]

Take a Look at What Russian People Usually Bring When They Are Traveling

Russian people are often seen traveling with an only carry-on bag and it somehow makes their travel experience easier in so many ways. If you think about their preference for bringing a carry-on bag for traveling, you will learn that they will not get weighed down by heavy bags. And they will not have to deal […]

8 Best Things You Must Do in Kazan, Russia (Bucket-list Goals)

Nothing could be better for a traveller to sit back in the balcony and take a sip of warm tea while thinking of the good times during the trip. Well, such thing won’t happen if you can’t even get to enjoy your trip in a place to the fullest, right? Make sure you prepare your […]

8 How to Not Get Sick While Travelling Alone to Russia

When holiday season comes, the beautiful sound of rolling wheel in the airport echoes, oh, just how excited can we be. The most awaited times of the year, which is the time when we can travel and spend our time during holiday just having fun. Getting down on the streets, experiencing culinary and cultural journey […]