8 Best Things You Must Do in Kazan, Russia (Bucket-list Goals)

kazanNothing could be better for a traveller to sit back in the balcony and take a sip of warm tea while thinking of the good times during the trip. Well, such thing won’t happen if you can’t even get to enjoy your trip in a place to the fullest, right? Make sure you prepare your bucket list of the best thing you must do in Kazan, Russia, if you’re about to travel. Then, you can fully spoil yourself and enjoy your trip.

Grab your essential pack you should bring for fall trip to Russia right away and find out the most useful tips if you are travelling to Russia alone for your dream holiday. You should also check when is the best time to visit Russia to anticipate disappointment out of unfriendly weather.

There are a lot of things that you can do, of course. From strolling around the historical sites that offers your beautiful scenery, until enjoying comfort food of Tatar Cuisine that will please your taste buds. Take a look at these list and plan your journey ahead :

  1. Explore the Tatar Cuisine

The best way to know more about the culture of a country or a place is through its food. Well, it couldn’t go wrong when you get to know the taste of the locals. Whenever you’re visiting Kazan, Russia, then you have to try the cuisine there. You could try Baursaki, the fried dough food, for example. You can try both street food and the restaurant or home-cooked Tatar cuisine since both will be great. If you love culinary world, you won’t want to miss the old Russian cuisine as part of their culture that can get you to know about Russian cuisine more.

  1. Visit the Söyembikä Tower

If you go to a place, you would want to know more about the place or at least, curious about the culture there, right? You shouldn’t miss out on places that have stories or locals legend underlying, such as Söyembikä Tower. It’s said that this tower was named after the woman ruler of Kazan Khanate. This tower reach about 58 metres high and slighty leaned over the side. Spare your time to go there and take the beautiful scenery home in your memory or even photographs.

  1. Ride the Metro

Even if you usually ride the public transportation quite often, this one won’t disappoint you. Experiencing how it feels to ride public transportation in the other places can be very interesting as it will definitely be different from what you’ve experienced in your home town. The metro in Kazan runs from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., quite long enough. Like most of the modern metro, the metro in Kazan also sells smart-tokens that are valid for one day and smart cards which are valid for a specified length of time. This kind of travelling would help you to not just enjoy the tourist attractions but also feeling the life of the locals in such a fun way. Want to get to know more about Russian people?Find out more about the important things to make friends with Russian that will help you a lot during your travel.

  1. Go to the Kul Sharif Mosque

This mosque is definitely not just any mosque. It offers beautiful scenery of Kremlin along with its awesome buildings. It’s not just for enjoying beautiful scenery that will please your eyes, you can enrich your knowledge by learning the history there. Even during your visits to a historical place, you can still enjoy a lot of other attractions afterwards, since this most beautiful mosques in Russia is located in the city center.

  1. Spare time to visit Slava Zaitsev’s Art Gallery and Studio

Are you a big fan of arts? Falling in love very quickly with the beauty of arts, especially for paintings? Spending an art gallery and studio during your trip might be a great idea that you should try in Kazan. Well, it’s one of the best things you must do in Kazan, Russia. There’s this art gallery that offers you unique, inspirational paintings that are modern. Trying hard to generate ideas? Enter this room, then you’ll see paintings made out of glossy magazines, furniture braces, and other unusual materials that will amaze you.

  1. Go to Chak-chak museum

The idea of enjoying artworks might not please some of you who are not really into arts. Check this unique museum out, for it won’t let you get bored. It’s a museum for traditional Tatar food and drink, especially chak-chak, a popular sweets that will please your tastebuds. Chak-chak is a ball of dough baked along with honey. The things that you can do at this museum are to learn how to make that and the best part is, sampling the teas and sweets. Museum means boring? Such mindset will disappeared as soon as you go to this museum where you can find yummy Russian sweets during holiday.

  1. Travel around the Kremlin

Another magnificent historical sites in Kazan that you should never miss out on is the Kazan Kremlin. It’s built back to the 16th and 17th centuries. It has a beautiful white sandstone walls surrounding. Due to its greatness, Kazan Kremlin was declared as a World Heritage Site in 2000. Experiencing the heritage and history of a country is absolutely something that you would never want to miss, right?

  1. Explore the Temple of All Religions

Travelling while getting inspiration? It’s not a nonsense if you visit the Temple of All Religions when you’re in Kazan, Russia. It’s not listed in the best things you must do in Kazan, Russia just because of its unique architecture and design. When you stand right in front of it and finally enter the building, you’ll feel the harmony of the unity among various religions. From Christian to Muslim, the creator of this temple, Ildar Khanov truly know how to fill your heart with the overflowing peace.

It’ll be such a waste for you to go to a place, yet couldn’t get to enjoy all of the best feature of that city. Explore as much as you can while you still got time to. You should also remember to find out how to not get sick while travelling alone to Russia so that your trip would be perfect. Make your plan in advance and find yourself getting amused by the beauty of Kazan, Russia.

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