9 Recommended items in Russia to buy if you have low budget

russian glass holderGoing on vacation, usually, mean you need you to buy some souvenirs for your neighbors or relatives. It also true, especially if you go to Russia which has much diversity in their culture. Different culture and tradition mean different things they could produce as souvenirs, and with Russia, as one of the largest countries.

It means you could find many different souvenirs, depending on the place you should go. Although you could find some local specialty souvenirs from some big cities, let said Moscow for example. It will have a different taste than when you buy it in its origin places.

Souvenirs from a small town will be different from what you could get in the villages. Also, places you go base on it location also will have different things you could get for your relatives. If you want a nice quality fur hat. Then you should go to the Siberian region, but if you want some different things then you could find it in the Krasnodar region. That simple, yes?

Alright, sometimes the problem is not about what to choose for souvenirs to give, right? Another reason is, sometimes choosing what souvenirs to buy is causing headache is your budget for spending in Russia. If you are rich, just buy whatever expensive they offer you then, the problem of buying souvenirs is solved.

But what about if you have a limited budget to spend in Russia? don’t be anxious and getting panicked. This guide will help you how to choose many souvenirs that is worth buying and have a low cost. Still, if you have a limited budget to spend in Russia, it mean you will not stay for long there, we also have tips for traveling with a limited time frame in Russia.

Now here is the list of 9 Recommended items in Russia to buy if you have low budget, with this list I think, although you will not get everything depending on your budget. it still worth to serve as a guide so you will know about what famous souvenirs in Russia that you could get for a low cost. there are also souvenirs for kids if you have many kids relatives.

1. Matryoshka Dolls

Well, the most famous dolls which you could get in Russia. Who doesn’t know about this matryoshka dolls, which sold like a hot cake for tourist traveling to Russia. Matryoshka dolls which often referred as babushka dolls, its origin goes back to 1890 first created by Vasily Zvyozdochkin and designated by Sergey Malyutin. Although some people said Matryoshka dolls look like dolls from Chinese origin, it’s already well known in Russia, and become a part of them. If you ever hesitant about what to buy for a souvenir, and at the low cost. Buy the Matryoshka dolls, and try to find Indonesian president Jokowi which is also famous to some people there but if your recipient is a girl then find something cute instead.

2. Vodka

Vodka might be a little expensive in Indonesia, but not in Russia. you could find vodka everywhere. Because it’s legal to drink alcohol here. So it is also the best choice to buy one bottle of them for a souvenir for your friends, or brothers. Just remember the law in your country when you buy it, also dont buy more than one bottle.

3. Caviar

Many countries have their specialty for foods, like India for example. India is known for its curry taste. Well, in Russia you will not find some Indian curry, but caviar. Russia is known for producing one of the finest caviar in the world, Also you could get one jar of caviar for just a 10$ which is cheap if you think about it.

Then you could also try to find and buy it from local villages, or small town for more cheaper price. Well, the choice is always yours to make. Whatever it is, you should get at least one jar of caviar to take home.

4. Khokhloma

It is Russian tableware made of wood and handcrafted by Russian. Not only it looks aesthetic, but Khokhloma also comes with a cheap price. So what are you waiting for? Go search the image of Khokhloma and you will find in yourself wanting to buy it.

5. Siberia Honey

Well, if you said the heading and you think like “Well, I can also find some honey in my country why go far to Russia just for honey?” now thats where you are wrong. Russia honey produced in Siberia has top quality and purest honey in the world. Also the taste will not be the same with your homecountry, so it is not hurt to try buy one jar for yourself if not for others.

6. Birch Bark Souvenirs

Many handicraft Russia usually use the bark of the birch tree for their product, you could find from hairpin to picture frames made by it. it also comes with a cheap price. It is also could be found in many places in Russia as it is used almost by every Russian people.

7. Podstakannik

Buying souvenir, what usually comes to mind is buying a mug for a drink. Although Podstakannik is not really a mug but a teacup holder, because of how it designed it could serves as a mug. Try to give your friends drink using this, and he will not find anything wrong with it.

8. Amber jewelry

Yes, I know what you think when you read amber jewelry. Its true there is some expensive looking amber jewelry in Russia, but if you want to find cheaper amber jewelry it also has it. it ranges from the cheapest is 10$-20$ so is that expensive? i don’t think so really. Amber jewelry in Russia which also offer you some nice nostalgia of the scenery you find in Russia also one of the reasons you should buy one at least for yourself if not others.

9. Balalaika

A Musical instrument from Russia which looks like a guitar but with a triangular base. There is many different balalaika instruments based on the sound it produces. The use of Balalaika remains common until today, but it really is an instrument used to accompany Russian folk music dates back to the 19th century.

You also could find cheaper balalaika sold as a souvenir, which has a price ranging from 5-15$, but if you are looking for the expensive one, you could also find it price ranging from 200 buck or more.

Now that is the list of 9 Recommended items in Russia to buy if you have low budget. Now you don’t have to worry about souvenirs when you travel to Russia. Traveling should be enjoyed, making trips and enjoying the scenery it could offer. buying souvenirs is the last thing you should think, as to not make you feel burdened with it and making your trip least enjoyable.

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