7 Possible things you can do during winter in Russia

Visiting Russia at its peak season of summer is less challenging for those who like a thrilling experience. While some of the people prefer summer, as the days are long and the temperature are warm, so they can explore Russia as much as they want without being afraid of harsh and cold weather. On the […]

Activities That Russian Children Do During Holiday

Holidays are a highly anticipated matter for most children around the world, including Russia. Just like other countries, Russia has several days off in a year. Starting from the state day such as the day of victory in Russia, labor day in Russia, to religious holidays. Russia also has a summer holiday so that all […]

8 Russian Activities For Toddlers

Russia is one of the countries with the largest area in the world. Not only is the region large, Russia also has control over world trade. Russia also have many tourist attractions that famous in the world. Russia has world-famous specialties. They are various kinds of foods for winter, Russian foods in summer, and even […]