7 Fun Things to Do with Your Children in St. Petersburg

travel to Russia with childrenTraveling with children can be wonderful if you know how to keep them happy by visiting children-friendly places and do things that excite them. In St. Petersburg, there are several places that offer entertainment suitable for children. Fortunately, those places do not only offer pleasing activities for children, but also for their parents. So here are the 7 fun things to do with your children in St. Petersburg:

1. Experience the bird-eye view of the cities and regions in Russia in scale model/maket museum

Kids will be excited as they walk through the scale model of how St. Petersburg and suburbs looked like 300 years ago in Petrovskaya Aquatoria museum, which is located within a walk-distance from Palace Square. Unlike othermuseums, here you will not see a monotonous display. The reconstruction is presented in an interactive way: cars are moving, ships are sailing, people are doing their activities, so that you may see how life really was in St. Petersburg at the moment.

Another unique exhibition in the form of museum is in the Grand Maket Russia interactive museum, where you will be able to see the miniature of the cities and regions in Russia. It is actually one of the largest scale models in the world. The exhibition is also presented interactively. Thanks to the amazing lighting, created using more than 500,000 LED lights, which is always changing every 13 minutes, you may even see the illusion of the sunrise and sunset, showing how life was in Russia during the day and night.

2. Visit the beautiful creatures in the zoos and aquariums

If your children are into animals, visiting Leningrad Zoo, which is sometimes called St. Petersburg zoo, will be a memorable experience for them. There are so many animals from around 400 different species. You will be able to see predators such as lions and jaguars, primates including lemurs, and even kangaroos, camels, and polar bears. In the Children’s Zoo, which exhibits animals such as chickens, cows, rabbits, and goats, your children may try a whole new experience by feeding the Cameroonian goat.

Aside from the zoo, St. Petersburg also offers another animal exhibit in the form of aquarium. One of the most favorite ones is the Dolphinarium. Here your children will not only have the chance to see dolphins and sea lions doing their usual tricks such as spinning, dancing, and jumping in to the water and out, but you also may book a swimming-with-the-dolphins activity. This way your children are not the only ones who will have a lot of fun, since you will have one too.

3. Have an adventure in the water park

If your children like to swim, bringing them to this biggest water park, Piterland Aquapark, will give them a whole new experience of the water sport. There are several waterslides in different shape, length, and height. In the children’s zone, for example, the waterslides are smaller and lower in height, so that it suits the small pool. There are also some special attractions, such as water balloons, where kid gets into a hollow transparent ball and rolling on the water, and also boats. It will definitely be one of the fun things to do with your children in St. Petersburg.

4. Have a thrilling yet exciting activities in the amusement park

There is this Disneyland-like amusement park, named Divo Ostrov, that is well-known for its wide range of attractions. For kids, there are several attractions, such as airplane, trampoline, karting, shooting gallery, also a playground, which most likely will be able to turn their day into a memorable adventure. There are also these family attractions, such as Ferris wheel and big carousel, where the whole family can bond and have their quality time together. For adrenaline-junkies, there are also several extreme attractions that you will not want to miss.

5. Conquer the quest in the Lego museum

Visiting Game Brick Museum-Exhibition of Lego may obviously be the dream of every kid who loves Lego. The museum-exhibition displays complicated compositions of Lego, designed by famous designers. What’s interesting about this place is the quest that is given to the kids, in the hope of developing their logical thinking and design skill. Despite being accustomed to modern technologies and finished products, from the quests, the kids will be trained to develop their creativity and do things with their own hands.

6. Watch the artsy performances in musical theatres

Being famous as one of the best musical theatres in St. Petersburg, Zazerkalye children’s musical theatre often holds symphony concerts, opera classics, and other musical performances which are always been enjoyable and being everybody’s favorite. Apparently, the talented child performers there have really good acting and singing skills. If your children are into music and performing arts, visiting this theatre is totally a must.

There is also a theatre showing world-class ballet performances by beautiful children ballerinas, that is Children’s Ballet Theater. The ballerinas there have become top-ranked ballet dancers from years of training by their teachers that are Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet graduates, making their performance will surely not disappoint.

7. Try the delicacies in the family-friendly restaurants

After spending time going to all those wonderful places, it’s always a good choice to look for something to eat. Fortunately, there are several restaurants that are family-friendly. Teplo, for example, is a restaurant serving Russian and European delicacies, including desserts. There is an outdoor playground where kids can play swings, giant chess game, and ball games in the little soccer field, and an indoor kids room with a nanny service.

Another restaurant that also provides a spacious playground for kids is this Mexican restaurant, Tres Amigos, a place with an amazing interior that is so Latin American. Latin dance show performance Is available on Friday and Sunday nights. Trying Mexican delicacies while watching the dance show here is surely one of the fun things to do with your children in St. Petersburg.

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