8 Interesting Facts of the Valley of the Geyser (No. 2 is Breathtaking)

Nature is rich and beautiful. This state is just way too true to be denied. Talking about travelling in the nature isn’t just all about mountain and sandy beach. There are a lot more to it, from waterfall, forest, savannah, taiga, peninsula, island, hot springs, and so much more. That’s why, exploring the nature is […]

10 Amazing Things You Should Do in Kamchatka Peninsula with Loved Ones

Being a 1,250-kilometre-long peninsula in the Russian Far East, the Kamchatka Peninsula carries on exceptional beauty that you’d definitely fall for. Especially when you’ve figured out facts about Uzon Caldera in Kamchatka, Russia as well as facts about Kamchatka, the most hazardous place in Russia that will make you gasp in wonder. You’re not a […]

Beautiful Places In Russia People Rarely Visit

Russia owns some of the most beautiful places in the world. Who doesn’t know about the famous landmarks in Red Square and the architectural beauties of St Petersburg? Those are two must-see places for foreign tourists. You will surely find them in the itinerary, whenever you sign up to any Russia tour group packages. However, […]

9 Mysterious natural wonders in Russia that will make you curious

Russian mysterious natural wonders succeed in making people curious. Commonly, Russia is full of mystery, political affairs clouding everyone judgment. Putting aside its Soviet Union past, Russia is now open to outsiders. Russian vast size and the remoteness mean that much of it goes unseen. We have compiled 12 natural sights, that represent just a […]

11 Natural Wonders in Russia That Are Perfect for Travel Destination

Russia has beautiful mountains, beaches, deserts, volcanoes, and glaciers, making it one of the most beautiful natural wonders countries in the world. However, due to inconsistent promotion, these natural beauty is frequently overlooked even by Russians. Beautiful natural wonders of Russia Russia is so huge and almost intimidating. Even more, The fact about Russia are […]