10 Amazing Things You Should Do in Kamchatka Peninsula with Loved Ones

kamchatka peninsulaBeing a 1,250-kilometre-long peninsula in the Russian Far East, the Kamchatka Peninsula carries on exceptional beauty that you’d definitely fall for. Especially when you’ve figured out facts about Uzon Caldera in Kamchatka, Russia as well as facts about Kamchatka, the most hazardous place in Russia that will make you gasp in wonder.

You’re not a nature lover? You’ll still find yourself amazed by the beauty of this peninsula. It’s not just great for you to stare at, but it’s a good place to visit and travel with your loved ones. You won’t be bored even if it’s all natural. There are a lot of amazing things you should do in Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia. Those things are not just good for you to have fun and enjoy your holiday, but you can learn a lot more about nature and its uniqueness.

Things You Should Do in Kamchatka

Who says holiday in nature with just  little things that’s human made is boring? No matter where you’re travelling, be it an open nature or a sophisticated city with a lot of technology improvement, you can still have fun. You just have to be more creative in creating your travel to do list and perhaps involve some of these fun activities to it :

1. Mingle with the culture

Wherever you go, you should get that feeling of being in a place with different geographic features and most importantly, different culture and social rules. Even when you’re going on a trip to Kamchatka Peninsula, you should spend some of your time to get in touch with the culture there.

Luckily, there’s an inhabited village where you can get the cultural experience to the maximum level. In the village of Pimchakh, visitors can get along with the indigenous people there. It’s not just about the unique traditional costume that they have, but also the way they think, talk, and look. Take home the precious experience you got with them.

2. Dip yourself in the natural hot spring

Even if you can find ocean around this peninsula, you need to know that there are times when this place is super cold. You can warm yourself and have a great time talking with your lovers, family, or even talking on your own in the natural hot spring. This could release all the stress and burden you’ve bore in your everyday lives and get some time to heal yourself. It’s not just good psychologically, but it’s also good for your body. Relaxing is something you should never miss out whenever you’re travelling. This is what make you come home with a new spirit and energy to deal with things in your life.

3. Fishing

Ever wonder should you go to mountain or the beach? Kamchatka offers it all for you. There are a lot of amazing things you should do in Kamchatka peninsula that you can’t do anywhere else. You can try to do fishing here, if you love doing so. Fishing sometimes take times, but it would be exciting when you know you got a fish on your bait. Wait for those fish while having a conversation about life with the one you’re travelling with. You can get both fish and great memories by doing so. If you love fishing too much, you can also try to get the ultimate fishing experience in the most notable places in Russia for fishing  beside Kamchatka.

4. Walk on the Geyser Valley

This one is a little bit hard to achieve, since you have to ride helicopter in order to walk down there. However, there’s no need to ask about how worthy is it to do such effort. You’ll find yourself amazed with the beautiful view of the second-most densely concentrated geyser in the world. You will never forget your experience and the view you’ve come to see here, in one of the beautiful places in Russia people rarely visit. Capture the beautiful view with your eyes and take it home, keep it safe in your memory forever.

5. Hiking

If you have much stamina, and you know you love to move your body even on holiday, then you should try to hike the volcanoes here in Kamchatka. Volcanoes, not just ordinary mountain. Out of 160 volcanoes, there are 29 that are still active. This is not something you can find just anywhere.

For sure, you still need to reconsider the safety matters. You need to know your physical ability and the safety guides so that you won’t end up getting into accident or things you wouldn’t plan for happen while you’re hiking. But if you’re adventurous enough and got plenty of time, you need to climb here in Kamchatka. It will be tiring and thrilling, but you’ll get the beautiful view  you won’t be able to deny.

6. Make yourself feel like you’re in the sea

Kamchatka is not just about volcanoes and valleys, but it’s also about ocean. This is one of the most interesting facts about Kamchatka Peninsula that’s  not that easy to find somewhere else. There are two ocean that you can find around this peninsula, which is the Sea of Okhotsk and the Pacific Ocean. Well, it’s not just ordinary sea, though. The water’s quite cold most of the time, but you can enjoy your day just walking by the sea shore and capture beautiful photos. If you got some skills on photography and editing, your shots here could be unbelievable amazing and you won’t regret ever capturing some, though. Share this breathtaking view with those you’re close with and they’ll also can’t wait but plan on a holiday to Kamchatka.

7. Museum trips

You can not only enjoy the nature of Kamchatka Peninsula that’s just wonderful, but you can also go around the museum there. Few examples are Kamchatka Military History Museum, Kamchatka regional museum of Local Lore, and Kamchatka Krai Art Museum. Choose which one you’re interested in and invest your time to experience new things and learn during your holiday in Kamchatka. If you bring children along, it would be a perfect way for them to learn new things in a fun way.

8. Eat and eat

Culinary travels are always impressive, especially if you know you love foods. Here, you can taste good food from international restaurants. In the mood for pizza? You can find good Italian restaurant around. You can also find restaurants that offer Korean, even Japanese food. But of course you shouldn’t miss out on trying the local foods there. Sometimes, trying new foods is quite risky when the taste is just not a great match with your taste. However, you won’t ever regret trying the local food that you won’t be able to find in your neighborhood.

When you’re trying to find things to do on your holiday, search for the characteristic of that place. You don’t have to do expensive or complicated things to enjoy your trip, though. You can do simply anything in a more creative way that will boost your holiday.

Holidays are meant to be fun and refreshing. It’s the best time to escape from routines and let go of all the burden on your shoulder. That means you shouldn’t make a holiday that cost you quite a lot turns out bad or boring. There are amazing things you should do in Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia. Expect a lot from your holiday and make sure it turns out extraordinary. You’re with your lover? Friends? Children? Even when you’re alone, you should treat yourself better and enjoy the day.

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