Best Time to Visit Russia to See Fallen Autumn Leaves

If you ever wanting to enjoy the autumn season, then you must go to Russia during the period of September to late October. Why is the autumn so short in Russia? Well, it’s because of the location Russia is situated. Because of that, the longest season in Russia in winter. Even though there are not […]

7 Steps to Make an Effective Vacation Plan to Russia

It is common sense to plan before traveling, better planning means better things you could go at a better pace. It’s a common sense, especially planning for traveling to Russia. Although there are many guides and trip advisor to provide you with a suggestion about what to do. But once you go there without a plan, everything […]

What to See and Do in Russia During Autumn Season

Traveling to Russia, everytime you come there will be something to see or do. For example, we could do ice fishing on winter, going to enjoy the beach in summer or just enjoying the scenery which all of the season listed will give you the top quality scenery. Sometimes, planning to go somewhere during your travel, […]

8 Most Exclusive Shopping Outlet in Moscow

Going to Russia, especially to its capital city Moscow, even though you will not buy anything. As a tourist, it is also alright to just walk and window shopping in the mall. you could feel a different environment than in your home country. Also going to their shopping outlet which famous as 8 most exclusive shopping […]

9 Recommended items in Russia to buy if you have low budget

Going on vacation, usually, mean you need you to buy some souvenirs for your neighbors or relatives. It also true, especially if you go to Russia which has much diversity in their culture. Different culture and tradition mean different things they could produce as souvenirs, and with Russia, as one of the largest countries. It means […]

10 Best Places to Spend Fall Vacation in Russia

Sometimes, we want to go someplace with a romantic ambiance with your lover. Many places in another country could offer you romantic places to go. Some of them already well known, let said like France. What people don’t know is, there are many places in Russia that could also offer you with such a romantic […]

9 Places in Russia Where Spring Comes First

Going to Russia during the winter season can be harsh. And also Russia is known for it long and cold winter season, what do you expect from a country near the artic? but even though they have a long period of winter, there is still three season you can expect to find in Russia, the […]

6 Everlasting Winter Destination in Russia

Russia has four different seasons such as winter, summer, autumn, and spring. going there in different time of year will result in different experience, Why? Cultural event in Russia is depending on the time and season. Obviously, you wouldn’t hold harvest festival in winter, it will be held in the spring season instead. Now, every […]

10 Best Small Town to Visit in Russia

Russia is growing its popularity as the tourist destination, thanks to FIFA 2018 World Cup Event. Many places that didnt get attention till now is getting more attention than ever. Many tourist and traveler now have a bigger interest travelling to Russia and visiting their many tourist spot, from mountains area to the sea Russia […]

6 Most Scenic Village in Russia For You to Visit

Going to Russia for vacation is exhilarating. Either go to big cities looking to pick up a girl or study their history in the ancient old town. Decide your goal before coming to Russia, it has many places you could visit depend on your purpose for travel. If you wish to enjoy their nightlife, then go to […]