11 Most Favorite Playgrounds in St. Petersburg, Russia

There are several playgrounds in St. Petersburg. Many of them are quite unusual for its unique design, that will be loved by many children. In some of them, the visitors may even be able to learn something from the decoration, and the game elements. Here is the list of the most favourite playgrounds in St. […]

7 Best Playgrounds in Moscow, Russia

In this technological era, children tend to play games using their gadgets, rather than playing outside, without realising that being inside of the house, or even indoor playground may make children become unaware of their surroundings, especially the natural phenomenon. Fortunately, in Moscow, the biggest city in Russia, there are several places for children to […]

8 Recommended Places For Your Children to Play in Russia

There are numerous places in Russia that are family-friendly that are enjoyable especially for children. It is ranging from theme parks, entertainment centers, up until science center and exhibition, which offer fascinating attractions that will definitely be loved by them. Here is the list of 8 recommended places for your children to play in Russia: […]

8 Best Places to Visit With Family During Holiday in St. Petersburg

This second largest city in Russia offers many fun and enjoyable activities for all ages, in the form fascinating museums, planetarium, and aquarium, as well as beautiful parks and gardens. So, going for a holiday with family here is definitely a good decision. Here are 8 best places to visit with family during holiday in […]

7 Fun Things to Do with Your Children in St. Petersburg

Traveling with children can be wonderful if you know how to keep them happy by visiting children-friendly places and do things that excite them. In St. Petersburg, there are several places that offer entertainment suitable for children. Fortunately, those places do not only offer pleasing activities for children, but also for their parents. So here […]

Why Russian Really Loves to Drink Tea? Here’s the Answer

When it comes to Russian drinks, people tend to think of Vodka, as what was widely known from the usual stereotype. Not so many people know that Russia actually is a tea-loving country. Tea is not only considered as a regular beverage for Russians. Drinking tea has become a culture that every Russian lives up […]

12 Places in Russia Where You Can Taste the Best Tea in Town

Knowing that Russia is a tea-drinking country, visiting here without having the experience to taste the tea is absolutely a pity. What’s interesting is that the places in Russia where you can taste the best tea in town are not only cafes or restaurants. You will also be able to find tasty tea drinks, as […]

The Beginning of Russian Tea Culture

1. The First Time Tea was Introduced in Russia The beginning of Russian tea culture starts from the time tea was introduced in Russia. It actually goes way back in 1638, where an envoy, sent by Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich, whose reign was from 1613 to 1645, came back with a special gift of teas from […]

9 Most Favorite Teas Consumed in Russia

Russia is considered one of tea-loving countries. It is one of the most popular drink in Russia. In Russian culture, tea is even more epitomic than vodka, unlike what Russian stereotype often shows. Though coffee is also becoming popular through the production of several authentic brands, Russians just seriously loves tea. The people there can […]

6 Best Brands of Coffee Made Authentic from Russia

Coffee is indeed one of the most popular drink in the world. Though it may vary, the ritual of drinking coffee may be found in each and every country. What differs between one country and another is that how their culture somehow has an impact on how they like to consume the coffee. In Japan, […]