Locals suggested you not to visit these 6 haunted places in Russia

Russia has been existed since immemorial time, and this continent-spanning country holds a multitude of haunted places regarding the length of time the country was established. Some places have ever in their golden time, been a home of happy family, been a place for people jobs and been the nation’s pride until at a time, […]

5 Paranormal places in Russia you can visit if you brave enough

Having such a largest country which consist of crowded and modern regions of Moscow and St. Petersburg and the silent far away regions of Yakutia and Siberia, Russia incorporates a vast range of land-forms and spans a total of 11 time zones. It shares land borders with countries like Estonia, Finland, Norway, and Poland etc. […]

6 Most Mysterious Places in Russia to Discover

Russia is not merely all about the gigantic Kremlin and the emblematic Red Square or numerous stunning churches in almost every region, but at some places, there are still some places which remain mysterious in terms of the unusual things that it has.  The mysterious places always attract people’s eagerness to discover it, despite of […]

5 Popular Selfie Spots to Proof That You’ve Been in Russia

Have you been in Russia? or are you preparing to visit Russia on your next journey? Russia, a world biggest country that always portrayed in media as the fabulous modern country which still maintain the historical heritage and also rich in cultural aspect. For the traveller enthusiast, it is the perfect place to explore, since […]

8 Best Place For Professional Photography in Russia

Russia as the largest country in the world always has something beautiful to attract people to come over and witness their grand country. Besides the wonderful historical destinations, it also provides the comers with natural landscapes, ranging from majestic snow mountains, deepest lake, golden sands, icy tundra and the rivers which pass through the big […]

7 Most Instagramable Spots in St. Petersburg That Not Many People Know

St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia federation, it was formerly the capital of the country before it was moved to Moscow. The city has been the popular destination for many travelers, either local traveler from Muscovites or overseas traveler. It is not surprising since the city offers the great historical heritage which is […]

Here are 5 Non-Profit Organizations Based in Russia

Non-profit organization (NPO) is a non-money oriented organization focus on helping the society development or the corporate social responsibility. In operating their organizations, they managed to get some donations from the donors; this also means that they should really responsible to the donors by presenting the report. Russia is consisting of wide range of regions where […]

6 Trusted and Popular Charities in Russia

Although Russia is considered as superpower country with all its natural resources, with the largest area and the historical background, the people is still live in poverty. Especially in some rural areas which located remotely from the city center, they still face the difficulties in their everyday life. Despite being one of the world’s most […]

8 Most Photogenic Spots in Moscow You Must Try

Visiting one place is not complete without taking some good memories through pictures. It is a must thing to do to memorize that you have been there and also become the thing to remember in a whole life. Besides, by taking good pictures, you can feel like you are back to the old time. So […]

4 Favorite Places in Moscow For Teenagers

Moscow is a truly never ending Russia. Providing both locals and foreigners with great experiences of culture and history – from children, teenagers and adults, Moscow is one of the most visited cities in Russian country. The city also is also full of numerous iconic sites and attractions. The attractions start from the majestic Moscow […]