Can I Get the Solo Trip to Russia?

Traveling anywhere alone is not a boring thing anymore at this time. Nowadays traveling solo has become a trend in itself. For those of you who like to try new things when traveling, maybe you can try traveling alone or traveling solo. There are many places in all countries in the world that you can […]

10 Super Fun Things to Do When You Visit Altai Mountains

Who wouldn’t feel super excited when it comes to travelling? Perhaps not everyone, but most people would be so enthutiastic, busy planning the itienary and imagining just how great would the trip be. For someone who loves travelling, even the thought of going on a trip is too exciting. However, at times it might be […]

3 Useful Tips if You Are Travelling to Russia Alone

How many of us are truly inspired to solo travel? Yeap saw those hands. Then how many of us have a dream to solo travel to Russia? Yes, that’s you who are reading this post. Here are the 3 useful tips if you are traveling Russia alone. Yes, alone! 1. The Company of Yourself As […]