4 Exhilarating Activities to Do In Sochi During Winter

In winter, Sochi is cozy and sunny. Embankments without stalls and streets without tourists have a leisurely measured rest. You can walk around the city enjoying its beauty, or take a trip around the area. Do not be afraid of long walks, because winters in Sochi are mild and warm. And if you still freeze, […]

What Makes Lake Seliger Is Being Enchantment to Visit in Winter?

What comes to your mind when hearing about “the winter season”? Maybe things that are commonly mentioned could be about snow, cold and freezing. Not many people mention the beautiful scenery that only exists in winter. Just like other countries experiencing winter, Russia also has a lot of places in each country that have very […]

Tips to Get the Cheapest Holiday in Russian Over the Winter Season

The holidays are a very enjoyable time for most people. People who want to go on holidays will find and prepare everything possible so that their planned holiday goes well. Including about the tips that are needed in order to enjoy the maximum holiday time possible. Likewise, if you are visiting Russia. You should find […]

Quiet Winter in Kazan; What Things to Do?

Winter is presenting the beauty which might not everyone can see it directly. As we know, not all countries in the world have winter. For this reason, often a lot of people who deliberately go abroad during the winter so that they can enjoy the beauty of winter and the snow. Although in the same […]

7 Things That Should Prepare When You Visit Russia On November

It’s vacation time! The end of the year is the right time to plan a vacation. Long year-end holidays have become the most eagerly awaited matter of many people. Because it is a time where all family and close friends can gather because they are free from all their previous busy activities. Many people have […]

Wildlife Winter Experience in Yamal Russia; How Dare You Are!

Holidays that are full of challenges are often the choice of some people. Either directly related to nature or other things that stimulate adrenaline. This type of vacation will give satisfaction to those who like it. There are many places in the world that you can visit if you really like a challenging holiday. You […]

The Rarest Winter View Only in Russia

Winter does provide an amazing view. You will be able to see a beautiful view where the whole city is covered with snow. Even though it looks beautiful, snow that is too thick can also endanger the people around it. Some countries in the world that experience winter have their own unique views. This scene […]

7 Possible things you can do during winter in Russia

Visiting Russia at its peak season of summer is less challenging for those who like a thrilling experience. While some of the people prefer summer, as the days are long and the temperature are warm, so they can explore Russia as much as they want without being afraid of harsh and cold weather. On the […]