Quiet Winter In Kazan, What Things To Do

Kazan is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Russia. The city with 1.243.500 people of the population is the 6th populous city in Russia. What makes this city has a beautiful view is it’s being located at the confluence of the Volga and Kazanka rivers. You are going to have a fun experience […]

Capture Your Sweet Moments in Kazan Millennium Park 

Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, is not among the most acclaimed urban communities in Russia, yet it is loaded with entrancing places and attractions. One of them is Kazan Millennium Park.  As a matter of first importance, it is known for its Kremlin and afterward its mosque, among the biggest in Europe. Being the 6th […]

Cultural Events in Kazan; Do Not Miss It! 

The thousand-year-old Kazan has a bustling cultural life. Yearly cultural occasions, for example, the Rudolph Nureyev International Ballet Festival, the Feodor Chaliapin International Opera Festival, and the White Lilac International Festival named after Sergey Rachmaninov invite a large number of guests every year.  The occupants of Kazan are extremely glad for their theatres and the […]

Temple of All Religions; A Proof That Russia is The Right Country for All Religions

In this article, we will learn more about Temple of All Religions, a proof that Russia is the right country for all religions. Situated in the Russian city of Kazan, the beautiful Temple of All Religions, or Universal Temple is a mish-mash of structural twists culled from a large portion of the major world religions […]

Temple of All Religions We Must Visit in Kazan

There are a lot of different alternatives to plan a superb vacation. But, one of the best plans is to stand in the shoes of history’s wonderful travelers. And what do these travelers do? They visit the temples of past civilizations such as Angkor Wat and Sacsayhuaman. It will make for a thrilling experience and […]

3 Unique Facts About Soltan Mosque in Kazan

Kazan is the capital city of The Republic of Tatarstan in Russia. This city is not only famous for its biggest population, but also for its economics, politics, science, culture, sports, and religions. Its sports center is so famous that Kazan has been appointed to host many sports events. The European weightlifting championship, summer Universiade, […]

Top 7 Metro Stations in Kazan

Metro stations in Kazan is a rapid-transit system that serves this Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. Russia starts to build metro stations to accommodate transportation in the areas, starting from metro stations in Moscow. The seventh and the newest metro system in Russia is metro stations in Kazan. Kazan the millennial city has many famous places […]

9 Best Outdoor Activities To do When You Live in Kazan

Outdoor activities in Kazan is very diverse. As in any major city, in Kazan there are many places offer an entertainment program for every generation. There are landmarks and architectural for people who love classical, and there are concert and theater for those who love art and culture. If you wish to find out more about […]

9 Famous Places to Visit in Kazan That Will Make You Amaze

If someone asked you to mention famous places to visit in Russia. can you mention something else then Moscow and Saint Petersburg? The chances are very unlikely. Russian landmarks and tourist attraction spots are centered in this two city. Moscow is the capital city, the center of education and economy of Russia and Saint Petersburg as […]

8 Unusual and Weird Things in Kazan

Before we decided to go somewhere, the main thing we search is the best things we can do there. Often travelers will seek things that they can’t find back home. Visitors from tropical countries will thing snow is amazing, and a visitor from four seasons countries will soak the burning sun of tropical beaches. So, […]