Churchkhela: A Kind of Yalta Caramelized Fruit Juice 

Russians appear to have an innate sweet tooth, and throughout the hundreds of years, they have thought of a wide choice of irresistible treats. One of them is Churchkhela, a kind of Yalta caramelized fruit juice. To give you a little insight, Churchkhela is essentially found in shoreline resorts in the Krasnodar Territory since the […]

Does Hematogen Are Safe to Consume for Kids?

What do you think about sweet snacks that have many benefits? Of course, it would be really fun if we could find a snack like that. That will make our thoughts about beneficial food always have a bad taste. Even children will love it. There are a lot of sweet snacks that are beneficial in […]

Moist Russian Honey Desserts to Fill Up Your Romantic Dinner

Are you among those who like honey and all dishes that contain honey? I think there are many of you who really like dishes that have honey ingredients in them. Honey will certainly provide its own sweet taste in dishes that are made. That special sweet taste is what people really like. There are some […]

Hematogen; A Kind of Favorite Multifunction Russian Sweets

Do you include people who like to eat sweet foods? Whether it’s a snack or other types of food. Sweet foods usually have a lot of fans from various backgrounds, both young people to old people. Maybe that includes you and some people around you too. You need to know, not all sweet foods have […]

How to Make Russian Rose Cupcake at Home?

No one would refuse some sweet cupcakes. What’s more if they are Russian cupcakes that are delicately decorated with rose-shaped buttercream frosting on top. Such a mouthwatering feast for the eyes and tongue. Not surprisingly, the cute and pretty cake is popular offering on parties and celebrations. However, do you know that you can make […]

Sachertorte in Russian Version; What Makes it Different From Vienna?

If you are a a fan of chocolate or someone with sweet tooth, then you surely have heard of the Sachertorte. The decadent cake consists of chocolate sponge cake with a thin layer of apricot jam on top which then being covered in dark chocolate icing all over. To make it even more enticing, traditionally, […]

7 Kinds of Crunchy Russian Sweets to Build Up Your Mood

If you are in a bad mood, what do you usually do? There are lots of things you can do to get your mood back up again to become a good mood. You can just listen to music, take a leisurely walk to the park, sleep, eat or drink something sweet and many other things. […]

What Makes Russian Cupcakes Become One Phenomenal Cake?

Among few American-based foods that manage to successfully satisfy Russian appetite, cupcakes stand on the uppermost of the list. Busy cupcake shops are appearing here and there on the street of Moscow. American restaurants and bakery shop in Moscow are providing cupcakes as unmissable offering on the menu for every season. If those do not […]

Full Chocolate Coverage, These Russian Chocolate Cakes Will Make You Melt

According to a report published by leading economic media Bloomberg in October 2018, Russia is the second biggest chocolate confectionery market by volume worldwide. It is just one place below the USA. Even further, the country’s appetite for chocolate is rising four times faster than average global demand. Increasing interest in healthier treats also fail […]

Bring Back Childhood Nostalgia With Legendary 7 Soviet Candies

Russia Childhood Nostalgia can always refer to Soviet Candies. No matter what is the economic situation, political turbulence, falling regimes, there is always sweet production that continues to thrive. Even some of the famous Most Famous Chocolate In Russia produces a mass production during the worst economic situation. There were no Import sweets in Russia such […]