Hematogen; A Kind of Favorite Multifunction Russian Sweets

Do you include people who like to eat sweet foods? Whether it’s a snack or other types of food. Sweet foods usually have a lot of fans from various backgrounds, both young people to old people. Maybe that includes you and some people around you too. You need to know, not all sweet foods have […]

7 Kinds of Crunchy Russian Sweets to Build Up Your Mood

If you are in a bad mood, what do you usually do? There are lots of things you can do to get your mood back up again to become a good mood. You can just listen to music, take a leisurely walk to the park, sleep, eat or drink something sweet and many other things. […]

Throw Up Your Popcorn, These Russian Snacks Perfect for Movie Time

Film is one of the entertainment that is very popular with many people. Films always succeed in making the audience feel something different. Very great! Movies can change the feelings of the audience. Watching movies can also be done anywhere, not just in theaters. Technology really helps film lovers to get the latest movie they […]

In Mood For Making A Snack? You’re Going To Nail This Russian Sushki

Who does not love to snack? Snack time is easily a fun time when we can enjoy our favorite sweets or salty treats. People snack between meals. Usually, a little bit later after lunch, coffee lovers would drink some coffee with a little biscuit. For those who prefer tea to coffee, they can have a […]

7 Russian Delicacies to Fill Your Jar and Tummy

Other than cafes and restaurants, people usually visit delicatessen or deli when they travel to a new place. A deli is a shop that sells a selection of prepared foods or delicacies. In Russia, a deli is called kulinariya and it usually sells salad, cheeses, breads, meats, pickled vegetables, sweet and savory pastries, smoked and […]

How to Make Classic Russian ‘Ice Cream’: Syrok

Do you know that Russia have some of the world’s most delicious dairy desserts? Variety of cheese, milk, butter, and yoghurt occupy a large part of every Russian grocery store. You cannot even come to a true Russian home without finding a platter of them served for guests. The most popular among Russian dairy products […]

8 Weird Russian Snacks that Only Made in Russia

When it comes to weird snacks, lots of people will think straight towards countries like Thailand, Vietnam, or China. Few people knew that countries like Russia have their own strange, sometimes mind-boggling snacks. Russia’s huge landmass provides large quantities of food production. Staple crops like wheat, rye, potato, and other fruits and vegetables are abundant, […]

8 Tasty Russian Snacks that Everyone in the World Should Try

When your belly are craving for some food but you can’t handle a big meal, then snacks is your only option. In modern times, there are many ways to make and eat snacks. People from around the world invented their own recipe of making snacks for them to eat between their meals. Just like any […]

8 Best Snacks Made Only in Russia You Shouldn’t Miss

Snack time. Who loves snack time? Well, perhaps everyone would raise their hand when it comes to snack. This food we eat between meal and another meal is something that excite us every time. Perhaps it’s made by usual ingredients, made simple and quick, but somehow there’s something different. When we eat snack, we might […]