Does Hematogen Are Safe to Consume for Kids?

What do you think about sweet snacks that have many benefits? Of course, it would be really fun if we could find a snack like that. That will make our thoughts about beneficial food always have a bad taste. Even children will love it.

There are a lot of sweet snacks that are beneficial in this world. Including in Russia. Do you know about it? Or have you ever tried sweet snacks like that?

In Russia, there is a sweet snack that is loved by everyone there. Both young and old. This sweet snack called Hematogen. This is one of the sweet snacks that is quite famous in Russia.

Maybe there are still many of you who do not know about the sweet snack called Hematogen which is also loved by these children. For that, let’s see about whether Hematogen is safe for children.

As we know, there are a lot of sweet snacks scattered throughout the countries in the world. There are sweet snacks that are just snacks and there are also sweet snacks that have benefits for our bodies. There are several countries that have sweet snacks and are also beneficial for our bodies. And many who do not know about a sweet snack with such benefits.

One country that has sweet snacks that are beneficial to the body is Russia. This sweet snack that at first glance looks like chocolate is called Hematogen. This is one of Russia’s sweet snacks which is also believed to be beneficial for our body. Have you ever known or heard about this hematogen? Is that also safe if consumed by children?

I think there are still many of you who don’t know about this sweet snack from Russia called Hematogen. And maybe you are also curious and wonder about what kind of snack it is. Therefore, to add information for you, in this article will discuss about Hematogen and also does Hematogen are safe to consume for children?

  • About Hematogen

Hematogen is one of the famous sweet snacks in Russia. It was a sweet snack in the form of a chewy nutrition bar. Hematogen is considered a sweet snack that is cheaper and easier to obtain when compared to other sweet snacks such as sweets. Maybe you will be a little surprised by the fact that there is a sweet snack behind it which is also loved by children.

At first glance, it does look like a normal chocolate bar wrapped in a colorful wrapper. The surprising fact of this sweet snack is the presence of blood content in the main ingredient of making snacks. But it has been realized by Russian citizens, even though children. This snack has the taste of vanilla and other variants so you would not think it has a taste like blood.

  • Ingredients in Hematogen

Hematogen in Russia today has little difference with Hematogen in Russia in the past. But the main mixture in the two types of Hematogen is the same, namely blood. Actually, what is mixed in this snack-making ingredient is albumin which is commonly found in cow blood and buffalo blood plasma. Surely it has gone through many processes to disguise or even eliminate the taste of blood which will make snacks taste bad.

The current Hematogen has added sugar, glucose syrup, condensed milk and vanillin. There also add other ingredients such as dried fruit, chocolate and nuts. That is very inversely related to Hematogen in the past which is made from a mixture of cow’s blood and egg yolk. The modern version of Hematogen has made the snack have many fans.

  • Benefits of Hematogen

This Hematogen is a snack from Russia which is believed to have many benefits for the body. In the past, this snack was used by people to help with the recovery of wounded soldiers. It is also given to pregnant women and children because it is believed to increase iron levels in their bodies.

There are also those who give Hematogen to someone because it is believed that it can increase a person’s low hemoglobin level in order to have normal hemoglobin. Some people even believe it is very good if given to someone who has a cold, has anemia, to someone who has dull skin color.

  • Weaknesses of Hematogen

But behind all the advantages and benefits of this Hematogen, there are also weaknesses contained in it. At present, there are many Russians who are not so sure about the benefits of Hematogen. In fact, one Hematogen snack bar only contains 5% albumin while the rest is sugar.

The 5% amount might be equivalent to 10 milligrams of iron. And it is the recommended dose for children. Doctors and even producers of Hematogen recommend that not eating this snack more than 1 bar for children and half a bar for adults. It is used to reduce excess sugar levels that enter the body.

  • So, Does Hematogen Are Safe to Consume for Kids?

Of all the explanations that have been discussed previously, it will appear a few questions. One of them is whether Hematogen is safe for consumption by children. Well, there are no definitive answers to such questions.

Indeed, Hematogen has benefits for the body, but keep in mind that sugar almost dominates the ingredient of making snacks. Excess sugar levels are not very good for the body. So, I think it will be safe for children to consume according to the advice given and not to violate them.

And maybe there are still some of does Hematogen are safe to consume for children that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out all you need to know about does Hematogen are safe to consume for children. So, how does your personal opinion? Do you think this Hematogen is suitable and safe for consumption by children?

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